Media Stories - Belhaven in the News

February, 2022
Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast: Taking the Longview Part 1 | Part 2

Two part podcast with Pastor Robert Thibodeau. Dr. Parrott speaks about several topics related to evangelism and higher education. Dr. Parrott's shared thoughts on leadership, the arts, the value of a Christian college education and more.

Education on Fire: Opportunity Leadership with Dr. Roger Parrott

UK-based K-12 education focused podcast. Dr. Parrott discusses creative learning approaches with Mark Taylor.

Kingdom of God Entrepreneur: Higher Education and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Parrott discusses the current state of entrepreneurship in Christian culture and the stigma's that go with it. Dr. Parrott discussed the benefits of getting one's education in business and how Belhaven University acts as hub for aspiring Christian Entrepreneurs to receive their education at an affordable rate, with a practical approach to real-world business.

Rebuilding the American Dream: Opportunity Leadership

Dr. Parrott discusses his new book, Opportunity Leadership and the concept of Belhaven becoming a more agile institution. 

Virtuous Heroes Podcast: Opportunity Leadership

Dr. Roger Parrott speaks about the importance of working in unison with God and his plan, instead of being blindsided by one's ego. At 9:00, Dr. Parrott answers the question "Why Attend Belhaven." 

Chris Fabry Live: Opportunity Leadership

Dr. Roger Parrott speaks to Chris Fabry on Moody Radio regarding moving from a plan-your-life mindset to "opportunity leadership." It's a counterintuitive concept that might help make sense of your life’s choices.


April, 2021

ABC News/Associated Press: Angie Thomas Scholarship

The Associated Press covers the Angie Thomas Writer's Scholarship with a national article focused on Angie awarding the scholarship to Andrea Foreman.

September, 2019
NBC Today Show: Guest Dance Instructor Story

The TODAY Show profiles Henry Danton, a 100-year old guest instructor in the Belhaven University Dance Department. 

July, 2018
Good Morning America: Jocelyn Zhu

Good Morning America profiles Belhaven alumna Jocelyn Zhu's Concerts for Compassion.

July, 2017
CNN's Great Big Story: Lydia Mathis

CNN profiles Belhaven student Lydia Mathis as she was leading dance classes in refugee camps in the Middle East.