Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is an 1800+ square foot area located in the north end of Heidelberg Gymnasium. The facility overlooks the Gillespie Lake. Full-time traditional students, faculty, and staff can enjoy a variety of fitness machines, resistance training, cycling, and cardio equipment as well as areas for stretching and core exercises.

The Fitness Center showcases: back extension, lat pull-down, seated row machines, abdominal crunch, shoulder press, leg extension equipment, glute press, leg press, triceps press, biceps curl, functional trainer, upright bike, recumbent bikes, elliptical, ascent trainer and multiple treadmills. The facility is a convenient on-campus location and provides a great place for exercise.

Fitness Center at Belhaven University

Hours of Operation

Everyday* 5:30 am - Midnight

*The Fitness Center will close only when the traditional campus is closed.

Fitness Center - FAQ

Q: Who can access the facility? How can it be accessed?
A: The Fitness Center is available to all full-time traditional students, staff and faculty and may be accessed with a current ID card. Children and visitors are not allowed in the Fitness Center at any time.

Q: Where should I leave personal items when using the facility?
A: Please keep all personal belongings with you while you are working out. The facility is designed to be self-accessed and self-monitored for your convenience. Facility users are responsible for their belongings.

Q: Is there a changing room for the FC?
A: The restrooms near the Auxiliary Gym are available.

Q: Is the dress code policy in effect for the Fitness Center?
A: Yes - the dress code policy is a campus-wide policy without exclusions. All Kilt (student handbook) policies apply.

Q: Is there a time limit for the use of machines?
A: Users are encouraged to limit the use of any one machine and be considerate if others are waiting.

Fitness Center Instructional Videos

How to Best Use the Belhaven University Fitness Center

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How to Use the Functional Trainer

How to Use the Biceps Curl Machine

How to Use the Triceps Press

How to Use the Treadmill

How to Use the Ascent Trainer

How to Use the Elliptical

How to Use the Recumbent Bike

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