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Belhaven University understands the value of a living/learning environment. Residence halls enhance the college experience by offering many outside the classroom educational opportunities to resident students. Close proximity to campus resources affords resident students the opportunity to become easily involved in campus activities. Resident students also tend to be more satisfied with their college experience, and are even more likely to graduate. For these reasons, Belhaven University requires that all full-time freshmen and sophomores (under 54 credit hours), single and under the age of twenty-one, are required to live on campus, with the exception of those students who live off campus at the permanent address of their parents or legal guardian.

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If you plan to live on campus, fill out the online Housing Application. If, however, you prefer to live off campus and meet the criteria to do so, click here to download a Housing Exemption Form. It is very important that ALL freshmen and sophomores complete one of these two forms!

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Location: Cleland Hall 203
Telephone: 601-968-5969

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In this interview, hear why students enjoy residence hall life...

Chris, speaking on residence life at Belhaven

"Living in the residence halls has been a fun experience this year. I enjoy the opportunities it presents for meeting new people and spending late nights with friends. The fact that you can run into people you have not seen all day and just chat is awesome. It is an atmosphere I have experienced no where else and can't wait to do it again next year. "

Chris Wolfe
Biblical Studies Major
Colorado Springs, CO