Trumotivate LogoResearch shows that when you have a strong motivational fit to a role, you will have higher levels of satisfaction in your work.  Belhaven University has partnered with TRUMOTIVATE, an assessment that helps our students discover their top motivations using their own stories.  This tool helps students explore their career options and motivate them to live the Belhaven motto of ‘To Serve Not to Be Served.’

What is the TRUMOTIVATE Experience?

The TRUMOTIVATE experience is an assessment tool that is designed to bring the insight of motivation to students during their college experience.  Using their own stories, TRUMOTIVATE helps students understand their God-given motivations and what God has purposed them to pursue as a career.

When do students take the TRUMOTIVATE assessment?

Students at Belhaven University take the TRUMOTIVATE assessment as part of the Belhaven Basics or Transfer Success course, usually taken during the student’s first year of study at Belhaven. This allows students the opportunity to explore their motivations and career options early in their college career.

Is there an extra cost to take the TRUMOTIVATE assessment?

Trumotivate Students

No. Belhaven University is providing this valuable tool at no cost to students.  We are committed to helping our students understand their God-given purpose and their gifts.

What will students receive after taking the TRUMOTIVATE assessment?

Students will receive a report from TRUMOTIVATE that reveals their personal top five motivations. The report is a tool that can help students articulate and give meaning to something that is not always easily understood.  TRUMOTIVATE will help students explore various career paths and guide them toward roles and work environments where they will thrive.

Trumotivate Report

Questions about TRUMOTIVATE at Belhaven University? Contact Dr. Shelley Smith, Assistant to the President for Coronavirus Management and Vice President of Student Development.

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