Freshman and Sophomore Year Checklist

In order to be fully prepared for life after Belhaven, it is important to plan and take action towards your future. Below is a list of important career and academic things to do to prepare for life after Belhaven.

Let's get started! By your junior year, complete the following to be on the right track:

  • Take classes that interest you as your schedule permits
  • Explore majors to find out what they're really about - talk to professors and upperclassmen
  • Set some goals for what you want out of your time in college - both short and long term
  • Develop effective and productive study habits
  • Familiarize yourself with how to search for jobs through Handshake
  • Seek help from academic labs on campus as needed
  • Make friends and got involved on campus
  • Start narrowing down major choices - declare a major
  • Start thinking about career related internships, volunteer, or other part-time positions. Use Handshake to help you find opportunities.
  • Keep an eye on your GPA - you'll be glad you did

The Center for Career and Calling is here to help you as you select a major and choose a career path. Our office is here to help students learn about themselves, and tap into the unique gifts and abilities with which God has blessed each one of us.

Contact Us at: 601-968-8995 or or visit 2nd Floor, Warren Hood Library

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