International Student Care

The international student body at Belhaven is currently representative of many countries. The University is thrilled to serve these students during their time at Belhaven. For students who need assistance, the University arranges transportation to the airport, banks, and cell phone providers, as well as for other miscellaneous errands. The University also arranges support systems for our international students through a variety of programs including our Family Partners program and intentional events throughout the year.

Belhaven International Student Care

International Student Family Partners at Belhaven serve as resources for international students for the duration of their time here, whether an exchange student, transfer student, or traditional student. Family Partners are volunteers from within the Belhaven faculty and staff as well as from various churches and communities in the Jackson-metro area.

A variety of campus offices seek to provide intentional programming and events for international students; these offices work together to meet our students’ needs and to connect them to campus. Signature events include game nights, potlucks, movie nights, Christmas parties, and an International Fair, a time for students to share their home country and culture with the campus.

Belhaven International Student CareFor more information regarding the application process for international students, please click here.