Student Development Staff

Greg Hawkins, Assist AVP and Dean of Student Life

Name:  Dr. Greg Hawkins

Title:  Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students

Hometown:  Chicago, IL

Degree:  B.A., Biblical Studies, Belhaven University;
M.A., Higher Education, Geneva College
Ph.D., Higher Education, Azusa Pacific University

At Belhaven Since:  2006

Hobbies/Interests:  Spending time with my family which includes raising my two wonderful children, playing and watching sports, and taking time to continue to be a lifelong learner.

At Belhaven:  Dr. Hawkins serves as the Dean of Students, overseeing all residence life activities, including housing, hall programs, discipline/crisis issues, international student care, and selecting and developing the residence life staff. He also oversees the dining and counseling services of the campus. He plays a vital role by partnering with faculty and staff in fostering an environment where students can grow not only academically but relationally, spiritually, and socially.

Emily Cain

Name:  Emily Cain

Title:  Caldwell Hall Resident Director

Hometown:  Gulfport, Mississippi

Degree:  B.S. Christian Ministries, William Carey University

Hobbies/Interests:  Spending time with family and friends, organization, watching The Office and Riverdale, and traveling with her husband, Jake.

At Belhaven:  Emily serves as the Resident Director of Caldwell Hall. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to pour into the lives of students at Belhaven. Emily seeks to create an environment where students can grow holistically – spiritually, academically, emotionally, and socially. Emily has a team of six wonderful resident assistants, and she is looking forward to working with them to meet both the practical and relational needs of Caldwell residents.

Anna-Maria Dempsey

Name:  Anna-Maria Dempsey

Title:  Campus Counselor

Hometown:  Lafayette, Louisiana

Degrees:  B.A. International Studies, Belhaven University; M.A. MFTC, Reformed Theological Seminary

Hobbies/Interests:  Travel, trying new foods, cooking for friends, and spending time with family

At Belhaven:  Anna-Maria Dempsey is our Campus Counselor. She received her undergraduate from Belhaven University and her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary. She is equipped to help with a variety of needs including, but not limited to anxiety, depression, relationship conflict, grief, and much more. She is very excited to join us on Belhaven’s campus and looks forward to helping students.

Madison Dixon

Name:  Madison Dixon

Title:  Student Events Director

Hometown:  Brandon, MS

Degrees:  B.S., Kinesiology, Mississippi State University

Hobbies/Interests:  Cross stitching, embroidery, watching movies, hosting friends at her home, watching Parks and Rec, The Office, and 30 Rock on repeat, and spending time with her family and friends, especially her husband, Clay and King Charles Cavalier, Avett.

At Belhaven:  Madison serves as the Student Events Director for the office of Student Development, and works closely with the Belhaven Activities Team (BAT) to plan various events throughout the year. Some of her favorite events are Rec the Night, Backwoods, and Homecoming. She feels that the Lord has called her to work with students at the collegiate level and is very excited about the opportunity to work with Belhaven students specifically. She hopes to invest in students’ lives and to help them grow academically, personally, and spiritually.

Kala Hudson

Name:  Kala Hudson

Title:  Resident Director for Helen White and the International Student Coordinator

Hometown:  Hattiesburg, MS

Degrees:  BA in Theatre from Southern Arkansas University

Hobbies/Interests:  Reading, spending time with family, traveling, and watching Disney movies.

At Belhaven:  Kala serves as the Resident Director of Helen White and as the International Student Coordinator. She seeks to make all students feel welcome and loved so they may learn and grow as much as possible in their time at Belhaven. Kala is thrilled to be called to serve as part of the Belhaven family.

Meredith Palmer

Name:  Meredith Palmer

Title:  Assistant Dean of Student Engagement

Hometown:  Marble Falls, TX

Degree:  B.A., Telecommunication Media Studies, Texas A&M University

Hobbies/Interests:  Reading, traveling, spending time outdoors, playing with her goldendoodle Kimber, and spending time with her husband

At Belhaven:  Meredith serves as the Assistant Dean of Student Engagement. She oversees multiple areas of the Student Development division including student organizations, events, and programming, as well as campus recreation. Meredith is passionate about providing opportunities for students to develop community, grow in their faith, and create memorable college experiences.

Tracey Paul

Name:  Tracey Paul

Title:  Campus Life Director

Hometown:  Greenville, MS

Degrees:  B.S., Interdisciplinary Studies, Jackson State University; M.S., Human Environmental Science, The University of Alabama

Hobbies/Interests:  Movies, football, music, and spending time with family and friends

At Belhaven:  Tracey serves as the Campus Life Director at Belhaven University. She is responsible for various sectors of the Student Development department which includes portions of housing, dining services, student conduct and chapel. Tracey loves working with students and wants to ensure a positive, rewarding on-campus experience for all students.

Steve Smith

Name:  Steve Smith

Title:  Director of Food Services

Hometown:  Liverpool, England

Hobbies/Interests:  Huge soccer fan (Everton FC) and avid golfer, but more recently free time is spent with my amazing 3 year old as we navigate all the new things he is learning together and my more amazing 3 month old daughter.

At Belhaven:  I am responsible for all aspects of food service including breakfast, lunch and dinner in the cafeteria, the shoebird coffee shop and any and all events on campus that require food. From 300 people banquets in the Dr Billy Kim building to coffee set up in the CFTA.

Molly Speed

Name:  Molly Speed

Title:  Gillespie Hall Resident Director

Hometown:  Collins, MS

Degrees:  B.S., Psychology, University of Mobile
M.S., Instructional Technology, University of Southern Mississippi

Hobbies/Interests:  Playing sports, spending time with family and friends, playing board games, watching Netflix, trying new food

At Belhaven:  Molly serves as the Resident Director of Gillespie Hall. In addition to managing the building and overseeing the safety and comfort of its residents, she is thrilled for the opportunity to encourage and disciple her team of 8 Resident Assistants. She strives, along with the RAs, to create a residence hall environment that is not just a place to live, but to learn, grow, and thrive in community with others.

Marianna Stone

Name:  Marianna Stone

Title:  Student Development Director

Hometown:  Forest, Mississippi

Degree:  B.A. English, Mississippi College; M.A. English, Baylor University

Hobbies/Interests:  Playing board games, reading, traveling, hiking, and cooking with her husband, and playing with her fluffy dog, Frodo.

At Belhaven:   As Student Development Director, Marianna helps students find ways to thrive on campus and in the community through new student orientation, welcome week, and programming throughout the year. She also serves students through dining services and matters of student conduct. She loves connecting students to God, to people, and to opportunities for growth and joy.

Catherine Travis

Name:  Catherine Travis

Title:  Administrative Assistant Vice President of Student Development

Hometown:  Jackson, MS

Degree:  AAS, Banking & Finance, Hinds Community College; AAS, Microcomputer Information Processing, Hinds Community College

Hobbies/Interests:  Reading, decorating, fishing, spending time with family, and being active in the Ministry of Christ.

At Belhaven:  Catherine Travis serves as Administrative Assistant to the Dean of students. She is thankful for the opportunity and believes that it is a blessing to work with the Student Life team at Belhaven University. She serves as the initial point of contact for faculty, staff, students, and the public seeking assistance from the Student Life division. Catherine is passionate as she serves the students and university with a Christian spirit and continues to exemplify the meaning of “To serve, not to be served.”

Trevor Williams

Name:  Trevor Williams

Title:  Director of Campus Recreation and Athletic Facilities

Hometown:  Petal, MS

Degree:  Bachelor of Accountancy, University of Mississippi

Hobbies/Interests:  As the Campus Recreation Director, Trevor serves students by providing opportunities to get involved through intramurals, fitness programs, and exciting campus recreation events. He leads our Campus Recreation Team, who are student leaders who have a heart to serve the student body through recreation activities. He also helps with scheduling and managing all of our athletic facilities. He enjoys helping lead and mentor students and providing opportunities to help them grow and succeed.

Caleb Wolfe

Name:  Caleb Wolfe

Title:  Resident Director of Robertson/Wells Hall

Hometown:  Colorado Springs, CO

Degree:  B.S., Chemistry, Belhaven University

Hobbies/Interests:  Spending time with family and friends, video games, playing guitar, 3D printing.

At Belhaven:  Caleb serves as the Resident Director of both Robertson and Wells Halls. As he operates and maintains the building, he also provides safety and comfort for his residents. Caleb gets the opportunity to work alongside his eleven Resident Assistants to provide guidance and leadership to these young men’s lives. Caleb desires to supply the residents with an atmosphere that assists in the development of their lives spiritually, mentally, and physically.