Catalogue: Traditional Program: Applied English

Applied English (ENG)

Professor Hubele, Chair
Associate Professor Foncree
Associate Professor Parrott

The Applied English major combines liberal and professional education with a strong foundation in critical and analytical studies. While the program remains true to the objectives and values of Belhaven University’s traditional B.A. in English program, the major is specifically designed to prepare students for successful careers as writers and communications specialists in fields such as publishing, law, education, government, community advocacy, the non-profit sector, journalism, corporate communications, finance, and the arts. This major is designed to develop articulate and incisive writing professionals with both the specialized skills needed to negotiate current work contexts (including the Web and other multimedia modalities) and the analytic and problem-solving proficiencies needed to comprehend and navigate cultural and technological change.

B.A. in Applied English:  52 hours to include the following:

  1. ENG 302, 303, 415
  2. 18 hours of 300-400 level ENG courses
  3. ENG 402 (Capstone)
  4. 12 hours of Applied Courses to include BUS 110, BUS 320, COM 309 and ENG 495.
  5. 12 additional hours of Applied Courses from the following: BUS 316, BUS 362, COM 350, GDS 220, CSC 111 or ENG 496 (may be taken up to 6 hours)
Please see each appropriate department for individual course descriptions.  Students wishing to pursue a B.A. degree in English, please see the English Department (ENG) catalogue listing.

495 Applied English Strategies and Applications (3).
This course is designed to develop specialized writing skills for specific work contexts (including the Web and other multimedia modalities) and equip the students with analytic and problem-solving proficiencies required in communications and technical writing fields.  Students will also be prepared to enter into the marketplace with instruction on job proficiency and industry standards. (Spring only)
496 Applied English Internship (3-6).  Prerequisites: Senior standing and approval by the English Department chair.
This course is designed to give the student practical experience in applied English opportunities. Students may take two 3-hour internships or one 6-hour internship.  These hours are only open to students majoring in Applied English. This course is graded on a pass/fail basis. Refer to “Student Intern Programs and Practicums” for further requirements. (Spring only)