Catalogue: Traditional Program: Child Advocacy Studies

Child Advocacy Studies (CAS)

301 Perspectives on Child Maltreatment & Child Advocacy (3).
This course is the introductory course for child advocacy studies.  This course covers the history, legal framework, responses to child maltreatment, and other pertinent issues pertaining to child maltreatment and child advocacy, and the future.  The field of child maltreatment is fraught with controversy.  Much of the class focuses on these controversies.
302 Global Child Advocacy (3).
This course is to prepare students to recognize child advocacy issues around the world.
401 Professional and System Responses to Child Maltreatment (3).
This course is the second course for the child advocacy studies and focuses on the responses of professionals to allegations of child maltreatment.  The purpose of the course is to expand the student’s knowledge and skills in identifying and investigating child maltreatment.
402 Responding to the Survivor of Abuse (3). Prereq: CAS-301, CAS-401.
This course is the third course for child advocacy studies.  The purpose of this course is to prepare students to recognize the effects of child maltreatment and apply interventions strategies for children and their families.  Multidisciplinary approaches to prevention and advocacy of child maltreatment survivors will be presented and discussed.
403 Child Exploitation, Pornography, and the Internet (3).
This course is designed to examine the predatory actions of offenders who engage in child abuse and exploitation.  Included in this assessment is an understanding of the use of computers, the internet and emerging technologies by perpetrators to exploit children.  Students will also gain an understanding of the criminal justice system to this phenomenon.  The student will be able to gain an understanding and appreciation of the roles of law enforcement, forensics, courts, social workers, and health service providers in the detection, investigation, and prosecution of this specific form of child exploitation.
405 Family Violence (3). Prereq. CAS-301
This course introduces students to the roots of family violence, the political and cultural structures that perpetuate it, and explores how this violence might be brought to an end.  Students will explore the local and global impact of violence, how gendered violence intersects with child abuse and neglect will be addressed.
406 Capstone Experience (4).
Site based experience (130 hours).  Students can expect to spend 120 hours in site based experience with input into setting/population/geographic location.  The remaining 10 hours would be devoted to developing a learning contract, negotiating and collaborating with preceptor, consultation with assigned faculty member, developing a service project and sharing your project and lived capstone experience with peers.  Intense site based experience of student’s choice designed to encapsulate the essence of baccalaureate professional role development in an internship experience.  This synthesis course allows the student to expand their understanding of major concepts of child advocacy, experiential learning, and evidence based practice in a setting of their choice.  A multidisciplinary approach will be emphasized as students focus on ethical decision making and cultural sensitivity with clients in a community location.  Students work with preceptors in agencies and develop a project addressing a need within that agency.