Catalogue: Traditional Program: English Language Teaching

English Language Teaching (ELT)

A minor in English Language Teaching requires 18 hours to include: ENG 302, ELT 303, 304, 311, 312, and IST 300.

303 Introduction to Linguistics (3).
Introduction to the basic theoretical frameworks for describing the world's languages: phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, lexicography, pragmatics, and discourse analysis. (Formerly IST-303)
304 Language Acquisition Skills (3). Recommended Prereq: ELT 303
Introduces field methods for rapid adult language acquisition, such as "total physical response."  This is an applied approach to learning a non-Western language. (Formerly IST-301)
311 TESOL Methods/Pedagogy (3).
This course is designed to present methods for teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language.
Methods are based on practical application of theories of language acquisition and good teaching practices.  (Formerly TESL-311)
312 TESOL Practicum (3). Prereq: ELT 311
This course allows students to observe and participate in practical teaching experiences with second language learners.  ELT-311 is a prerequisite.  Students will participate in text evaluation, lesson development, and teaching experiences in ESL settings.