Catalogue: Traditional Program: Family Studies

Family Studies (FAM)

There is a submajor in family studies in the department of biblical studies and ministries. In addition to that, there is a minor, as listed below:

Family Studies Minor: (1) SOC 202; (2) PSY 340; (3) nine hours from PSY 202, 240, 241, 263, SOC 310; (4) three hours from either PSY 351 or BIB 441.

Course descriptions are listed in the different departments.

Focus on the Family Institute (16).
This program is offered at the Colorado campus of Focus on the Family. 16 units of credit may be received through Belhaven University. To apply, students should have completed two years of undergraduate work and be in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25. Credits applied as indicated below.
426 Christian Worldview Studies (3).
Broadens students' understanding of the core assumptions of the Christian worldview and equips them to evaluate those assumptions in contrast with other contemporary worldviews.
427 Family, Church, and Society Studies (3).
Investigates evangelical Christian thinking about the relationships that exist between the family, church, and that complex of institutions, policies, and practices known as "society."
450/490 Practicum (4).
The purpose of the practicum is to provide students with specialized experiences and opportunities, tailored to one's academic discipline, skills, and personal interests. The practicum allows students an opportunity to work at an agency within the Focus on the Family organization or Rocky Mountain region, learning professions related to their discipline and life goals. It is expected that students will ultimately spend 96 hours of logged time at their practicum site, maintaining an on-going journal, and produce a typed, one- to two-page summary of their experience.
455 Marriage and Family Life Studies (6).
The purpose of this course is to equip students with personal strategies for promoting healthy families by focusing on marriage, parenting, and the sanctity of all human life. Current research, techniques, and biblical guidance will be reviewed to help students develop conviction on an array of family issues, balanced by compassion for those individuals who are dealing with such issues.