Catalogue: Traditional Program: Film Production

Film Production (FLM)

Assistant Professor Negron, Chair

101 Film Production Lab (1).
Students participate on a student or faculty-led film production and learn how to perform various roles on a film set. Mandatory film shoots will take place over a weekend or evenings. Attendance at production meetings throughout the semester is also required.
105 Intro to Digital Production (3).
This course introduces students to the function and use of digital video and audio equipment as well as techniques that will help students create better digital videos. This is a hands-on course, where students will learn how to shoot, record sound, and edit while making a series of short digital projects.
110 Film Appreciation (3).
This is an introductory course that examines the elements that comprise the craft and business of filmmaking. Students will develop a basic understanding and appreciation of what it takes to finance, write, plan, shoot, edit, and market a film. Students will also learn to apply aesthetic criteria for interpreting and evaluating films.
205 History of American Film (3).
This is a historical and critical investigation of American films from the invention of film to present day. Content will include major periods, cultural influences, genres (including Christian films), defining films and artists, technological advances, and the impact of film on society.