Catalogue: Traditional Program: German

German (GER)

101-102 Elementary German I-II (3-3)
An introduction to written and spoken German, emphasizing the fundamentals of vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and syntax.  Exposure to German culture and history is integrated with language study.  GER 102 is offered as a continuation of GER 101. Students who have not completed GER 101 at Belhaven must secure written permission from the instructor to take GER 102. (101, fall only; 102, spring only)

Intermediate German I-II (3-3). Pre-req.: GER 101-102
This course aims at increased proficiency in writing and speaking through the use of German video regalia as well an introductory examination of German literature.  In-class discussions and outside readings will serve to increase the student’s understanding of and appreciation for the cultures of German speaking countries of Europe.  This class is conducted primarily in German. (201, fall only; 202, spring only)