Catalogue: Traditional Program: Honors Colloquium

Honors Colloquium (HNS)

Associate Professor Hause, Dean of the Honors College

The Honors College of Belhaven University seeks to prepare students to serve Christ in the world of ideas. Since ideas have consequences, students need to be prepared to critically evaluate ideas and how they shape culture. Through interdisciplinary seminars involving reading, discussion, and written and oral presentation, as well as interaction with guest speakers, students examine premodern, modern, and postmodern worldviews in ways that promote Christian discernment and creative responses.

101-102, Honors Colloquium (3-3).  Prereq:  see “Honors College” under “Administration of the Curriculum”
201-202, An interdisciplinary seminar exploring diverse topics from the humanities, sciences, and arts.  Through reading
301-302, and round-table discussion with faculty and peers, students hone their ability to critically evaluate ideas from a
401-402 Christian perspective and articulate responses both orally and in writing.