Catalogue: Traditional Program: Sociology

Sociology (SOC)

Associate Professor Gaddis

Sociology Minor: 18 hours of sociology courses.

101 Introduction to Sociology (3).
A survey course designed to introduce the science of human society. Primary emphasis is on basic concepts and the development of a sociological perspective. Major figures in the history of social science and the analysis of culture, socialization, social institutions, and social change are emphasized. (Fall only)
201 Social Problems (3).
A study of theoretical approaches to social problems with special emphasis and research in such specific problems as medical care, poverty and dependency, crime, alcoholism, sexual deviancy, prejudice, discrimination and race relations, delinquency, environmental concerns, and mental illnesses. Social problems are examined and discussed, analyzing efforts of resolution from a Christian perspective. (Spring only)
202 The Family (3).
A study of the traditional and contemporary American family and its implication for Christian lifestyles. Issues to be studied include dating, courtship, choosing a mate, marriage, contraception, family planning, pregnancy, child abuse, economics of family life, communication and conflict management, media, divorce, and substance abuse. (Fall and spring)
220 Race, Gender, and Diversity: Social Stratification (3). Prereq: SOC 101
An analysis of the social stratification system as organized by class, gender, race, and ethnicity. Emphasis is placed on human diversity and oppression, and on resulting implications for human service organizations, individuals, and society. (Spring, even years)
290 Studies in Sociology (3-6).
This course covers selected areas not studied extensively in other courses and may be repeated for different topics.
310 Death, Dying and Grief (3).
This course provides a basic background on historical and contemporary perspectives on death and dying. Attention is given to current American practices regarding death, as well as cross-cultural interpretation. Emphasis is also placed on stages of death and the grief process. (Fall only)
370 Social Services Field Experience (3-6). Prereq: PSY 340, SWK 350 and 351; Junior or Senior standing.
This course involves gaining field experience in a social service agency which matches the student's future career goals. Students will gain supervised experience in providing social services to clients.(Fall and spring)