Catalogue: Traditional Program: Sports Ministry

Sports Ministry (SMN)

The emphasis of this major is to prepare individuals to use sports as a ministry tool. Upon the completion of this degree, the graduate will be well equipped to find employment in a variety of sports and recreational settings, more specifically as a church recreation director or full-time sports evangelist. This major is very complementary of those seeking to further their education in seminary or youth ministry. Sports ministry students will have real-world experience through SMN 470.

Sports Ministry Major: 45 hours
SMN 200, 300, 304, 310, 350, 420
SME 202
ACC 485
BIB 331, 350
BIB 308, 315, 316 (three hours)
BIB 310, 311, 317 (three hours)
BIB 370, 380, PSY 340 (three hours)
BIB 441 and/or 445 (six hours)

Sports Ministry Minor: 18 hours
SMN 200, 300, 304, 310, 350 (nine hours)
BIB 308, 310, 311, 315, 316, 317, 331, 350, 380, 415 (nine hours)

Honors Program: The sports ministry department offers opportunities for students to enroll in honors courses from its department. All courses that are listed as 300 level or above may be taken as an honors course. For students majoring in this department, one must pass a minimum of nine hours of honors courses within the discipline and a minimum of nine hours from the honors courses of other departments. Each course must be passed with a B or better. No more than 18 hours are required for the honors degree. For other honors program policies, see "Honors Program" located in the "Administration of the Curriculum" section of the catalogue.

200 Introduction to Sports Ministry (3).
This course provides an overview of all sports-related ministries. Several examples will be given as to how sports ministry can be used as a discipleship and evangelical tool. In addition to classroom examples, opportunities will be provided for site-based sports ministry observations. The course will give specific career directions for sports-related ministries.
300 Administration and Activities of Sports Ministry (3).
The focus of this course deals with the intricacies involved in the management and operation of sports ministry. Specific techniques will be provided for the operation of sports ministry programs. Methods for designing activities will be given to foster efficient and cooperative programs. Different areas of sports administration, including full-time sports ministry and sports ministry within a church, will be presented.
304 Sports Psychology and the Spiritual Influence (3).
The study of psychological and related theoretical concerns associated with sports, in relationship to prayer and spiritual influence. The course will combine Christian psychology and sports psychology, and will provide suggestions for application in sports.
310 Structure of Activities in Sports Ministry (3).
A strategic look at sports ministry opportunities and the most effective methods for preparation, execution, and follow-up in conducting clinics, camps, and events. This course will present various potential and real situations in which discipleship and evangelism are used within a sports ministry event or program.
350 Selected Topics in Sports Ministry (3).
An overview of current issues, research, techniques, and problems in the area of sports ministry as they relate to evangelism and discipleship. Problem-solving models and management techniques will be presented as issues are discussed.
420 Coaching and Sports Pedagogy (3).
General techniques and concerns dealing with the coaching of an athlete will be covered. A specific focus will be placed on effective pedagogical skills in coaching, including feedback, use of practice time, and fundamental techniques of sports skills.
470 Pre-professional Clinical Experience in Sports Ministry (3).
Provides an opportunity for students to experience and observe specific environments and vocations in the area of sports ministry and related fields. Areas of study may include any sport within a church, international, national, or local ministry.
490 Guided Study in Sports Ministry (1-3).
Gives students the opportunity for personalized study and research in the area of sports ministry. Specific content of the study is determined by the student's needs, interests, and vocational calling. Research and projects will be included in the course requirements.