Communication Department Opportunities

Our Program
All Belhaven Communication students are required to attempt and complete an internship as part of their requirements to receive the Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations. The internship experience provides a key experiential learning component to our program, and we have established a long track record of placing excellent interns at businesses, nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies. Students may apply for three hours of internship credit through COM450 – Communications Internship, which requires 135 hours of workplace experience. However, students may serve in as many internships as they have the desire, and we encourage them to complete multiple internships through their college career.

Finding an Internship
Internship opportunities can be located either by the student on his or her own, or by the department. To gain credit, the student must work at least 135 hours during the internship. While some internships include compensation from the employer, this is not a requirement, and should not be a major consideration of whether an internship might be a valuable opportunity.

Objectives of the Internship Program
The instructor will work with the student and site supervisor to ensure these objectives are met:

  • To Improve the student's skill in their area of emphasis;
  • To enhance the student’s understanding of their chosen field and their ability to incorporate Biblical principles;
  • To make a meaningful contribution to the employer by using skills and talents;
  • To learn how to develop and nurture relationships with the media on behalf of a particular company or agency;
  • To help students make decisions on a daily basis while working for or with the media.

Download the Communication/Public Relations Internship Packet

Included in this packet are several pieces of information, some of which are provided for your information only; others need to be completed by you. Contact the Communication Department Chair  questions.