Doxa (Dance Club)

The purpose of Doxa, a student run organization, is to encourage our peers to further develop and use their art form for the glory of God.  The translation of DOXA from Greek is “Glory.”  Through service to other members and the surrounding community, we seek to praise the Lord in the fellowship and support of the Belhaven University Dance Department.

Membership in the club is open to anyone enrolled at Belhaven University, and is immediately included when a student is a part of the Dance Department.  The Doxa leadership team is responsible for planning activities such as outreach, creative worship sessions, prayer ministries, improvisation sessions, fundraising and sponsorings master classes and workshops.

Each Fall, the Doxa Club produces the Doxa Emerging Choreographer Concert.  This concert provides the opportunity for students to present choreography to the public.  The officers of Doxa audition and approve all pieces submitted to the concert to assure that they are in agreement with the Belhaven University mission statement, and to ensure the quality and excellence of the choreography presented.  The concert is not related to any course at Belhaven University, but students may use material from their courses.

The Doxa Club is free to join and the club strives to make all events and masterclasses as accessible to the student body as possible.  The club also supports students in attending regional and national dance festivals and conferences where they can present choreography, attend masterclasses and network with other artists.

DOXA Officers 2022-2023

Doxa Officers 2022-2023

President Megan Kruthoff
Vice President Launa Craig
Treasurer Anissa Mohler
Chaplain Avery Sullivan and Goldie Mims
Production Manager Sarah Lunceford
Stage Manager Suzie Stolz
Event Coordinators Madilyn Hiley and Danielle Brown
Marketing Coordinator Kathleen Flaccomio