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Dr. John Estes, Chair of Mathematics and Computer Science

Belhaven’s engineering partnership provides the unique opportunity to receive a Christ-centered liberal arts education paired with the resources of top-level engineering schools. Belhaven’s engineering program is a partnership with the University of Mississippi (UM) and Mississippi State University (MSU) in which a student attends Belhaven for a minimum of 3 years, transfers to either institution for two more years, and graduates with two degrees: a degree in Chemistry or Mathematics from Belhaven and a degree in engineering (Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, or General Engineering) from their chosen institution.

What will I study?

Engineering is applied mathematics and sciences.  Belhaven engineering students take classes in calculus, statistics, chemistry, computer science and physics.

Belhaven’s Introduction to Engineering course gets students into tangible experiences with AutoCAD designs, 3D printing, and site visits to see career engineers in the field.

What can I do with a major in Engineering?

Careers in engineering are everywhere and can be very varied. Engineering is about solving problems, and engineers can be found in any industry. Engineers design:

  • mechanical systems,
  • electrical structures,
  • infrastructure,
  • biomedical solutions,
  • chemical manufacturing among many other things.

Engineering fields boast some of the highest median salaries and job satisfaction.

What kind of opportunities will I have at Belhaven as an engineering major that will contribute toward my career?

Belhaven engineering students interact with engineering professionals from places like:

  • the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE),
  • Asset Engineering,
  • Yates Construction, Raytheon among others.

Belhaven engineering students have chances for internships at places like:

  • the NASA,
  • the National Weather Service,
  • University of Mississippi Medical Center,
  • and USACE.

Belhaven engineering students get experience with technology and software relative to professional scientists such as:

  • AutoCAD,
  • Inventor,
  • Python,
  • and Wolfram’s Mathematica.

Belhaven engineering students interact with top-level STEM faculty in research projects of the students’ interest. Additionally, these students get to meet engineering faculty and administrators at both UM and MSU and tour their facilities.

What kind of scholarships are available for Engineering students at Belhaven?

In addition to our generous institutional scholarship opportunities, students who choose the dual degree Engineering program are eligible for The Otho Johnson Engineering Scholarship [link] at the University of Mississippi. This endowment, funded by the Dorothy Day Johnson Living Trust, gives Belhaven students first priority when transferring to the University of Mississippi for the final two years of the dual degree program.

Both the University of Mississippi and Mississippi State University have provided scholarship opportunities for Belhaven students once they transfer. Contact Belhaven’s Admission Office for more details.

Matthew Sinclair - Engineer Major at Belhaven University
Murray Robertson - Engineer Major at Belhaven University