Parking Garage

One of Belhaven's many compelling features is the setting of our campus.  The Belhaven neighborhood has been recognized nationally as one of the country's top "old neighborhoods."  The mix of old and new homes with various architectural styles and sizes sets us apart.  With the influx of new business and the proximity to numerous medical campuses, the Belhaven neighborhood is a go-to destination. 

Belhaven is an integral part of the neighborhood, each part dependent in some way on the other.  As the University has grown both in enrollment and facilities, the impact has spilled out into the neighborhood.  During morning classes especially, and also athletic events, our parking has spread beyond Peachtree and Pinehurst and into the neighboring streets. 

Parking Garage

We are excited to announce our next building project – a parking garage!  The footprint of this facility will be the existing parking lot situated between the Heidelberg Gymnasium and the Dr. Billy Kim International Center.  This facility will be four stories with an additional story on the east side and provide 399 increased and sheltered parking spaces and relieve the crowding of our neighborhood streets, allowing us to be a better neighbor.  The parking garage will feature a glass elevator located on the South side.  Ground breaking is scheduled for November 8, 2021 and we anticipate completion in the Fall of 2022.  The parking garage will have access control gates at both entrances, lots of interior lights,  and surveillance throughout the building. 

Join us in praising God for this fully funded remarkable gift.  We are grateful to the generous donor who is making this dream a reality.


July 2022 Progress Photos

Parking Garage - July 22 Progress

July 2022 Parking Garage Progress