Belhaven High Scholars vs. Typical Online Courses

Learn the differences between the High Scholars program and other typical online courses.


Students meet for three hours of LIVE CLASSES every week! Students do not meet in a live class.
Students discuss, debate, present, and share with fellow students OUT LOUD ON-MIC! Only written participation on forums may be required.
All students are HOME SCHOOL KIDS in high school. Course materials were developed specifically for them. Classes are generic, designed for adults and not focused on high-school-age students.
High quality STREAMED LECTURES, produced by Belhaven instructors, provide course content. Course content comes mainly from textbook
readings and other written material.
INTEGRATED STUDY of history, literature, and culture gives students a broad understanding of Western Civilization from ancient to modern times Subjects are taught as fragments with no special connection of one subject to another.
Live web conferencing gives students the opportunity to BROADEN TECHNICAL SKILLS. Computer technology is generally limited.
Assignments requiring students to give live CLASS PRESENTATIONS encourage students to share their talents in speaking, music, art, and drama. Asynchronous classes do not allow for class presentations.
BOOKS are purchased once a year, and our costs are held to a minimum. There are new textbook fees every eight weeks which could increase college costs dramatically. Textbooks can range from $100 to $200 each.
Streamed video lectures, online university library, and web conferencing is included with the tuition at no extra charge. Educational services of this type are not necessarily included.
Online CONFERENCE ROOMS are always available for students to work together in STUDY GROUPS, on CLASS PROJECTS, or for TUTORING. Students and teachers develop close relationships that last beyond high school. There are fewer opportunities to develop relationships with faculty and other students in short, non-interactive classes.
Our partnership with The Potter's School provides numerous EXTRA CURRICULAR OPPORTUNITIES for home school families including U.S. and overseas field trips. We alone have this special relationship with The Potter's School.
High Scholars students come to class. They discuss. They debate.
They present. They make connections.
They expand their horizons.
They cultivate a personal worldview that equips them for Kingdom leadership.