Warren A. Hood Library

Hool Library - Belhaven University Campus Jackson MS

Starting Wed., Aug. 26, scan Belhaven ID for entrance or be prepared to show current Belhaven ID. No exceptions. If you have questions, please contact us by phone or through “ask a librarian".

Welcome to the Warren A. Hood Library, which provides information resources and services to the Belhaven University community. The Hood Library houses the library's physical collections, the University Archives, study spaces, classrooms, the Think Center, and Barber Auditorium. Explore what the Hood Library has to offer.

Please note: Return rented (paid to borrow) course textbooks to the Bookstore.  If they are not returned to the Bookstore, there might possibly be a fine.

Contact Information

Phone: 601-968-5948
Reference Questions: Ask a librarian form
Questions or Suggestions: Library Comments

Library Hours

Hours vary during summer, holidays, and academic breaks.
Please call the Library for details at 601-968-5948.