Concerts and Productions

Please scroll through the various productions put on by the Music Department below. Click on the images of the posters, programs and photos (if available) to see them enlarged. This page will continue to be updated with additional productions, so please keep checking back. You can also view music productions on the Belhaven YouTube site. Belhaven on YouTube

Faculty Recital<br />Spring 2014 Best of Belhaven II<br />Spring 2014 Guitar Duo 220<br />Spring 2014 Student Composers Concert XI<br />Spring 2014 A Game of Chance<br />Spring 2014 Snow White<br />Spring 2014 Belhaven Piano Trio<br />Fall 2013 Instrumental Arts Concert<br />Fall 2013 Student Composers Concert XI<br />Fall 2013 Orchestra, Strings and Choir<br />Fall 2013 Sachs Piano Duo<br />Fall 2013 Ellis Piano Duo<br />Fall 2013 Sylvia Hong Piano Recital<br />Fall 2013 Andrew Stroud Guitar Recital<br />Fall 2013 Something Positive Concert<br />Fall 2013 Choral and Vocal Arts Jazz Vibrations<br />Spring 2013 Instrumental Arts Concert<br />Spring 2013 Strings and Chamber Orchestra Concert<br />Spring 2013 All-State String Orchestra Concert<br />Spring 2013 Faculty Piano Recital<br />Spring 2013 Faculty Voice Recital<br />Spring 2013 Faculty Recital<br />Spring 2013 Singing Christmas Tree<br />Fall 2012 Messiah<br />Fall 2012 Instrumental Arts Concert<br />Fall 2012 Student Composers Concert X<br />Fall 2012 Orchestras and Strings Concert<br />Fall 2012 Evening of Diamonds III<br />Fall 2012 Evening of Diamonds II<br />Fall 2012 Evening of Diamonds<br />Fall 2012 Best of Belhaven II<br />Spring 2012 Beauty Of Bernstein<br />Spring 2012 Faculty Recital Sylvia Hong<br />Spring 2012 Instrumental Arts Concert<br />Spring 2012 Abby Wiggins Senior Project<br />Spring 2012 All State Orchestra<br />Spring 2012 Faculty Recital<br />Spring 2012 Mississippi Guitar Festival<br />Spring 2012 Evening of Diamonds<br />Spring 2012 Collaborative Arts Concert<br />Spring 2012 Childrens Opera<br />Spring 2012 Best of Belhaven I<br />Fall 2011 Vocal And Choral Arts Concert<br />Fall 2011 Student Composers Concert IX<br />Fall 2011 Orchestras & Strings Concert<br />Fall 2011 What I Say Goes<br />Fall 2011 Best of Belhaven II<br />Spring 2011 Iberian Romance<br />Spring 2011 Instrumental Arts Concert<br />Spring 2011 Guitar Ensemble Concert<br />Spring 2011 Orchestra and Strings Concert<br />Spring 2011 Collaborative Arts Concert<br />Spring 2011 The Light In The Piazza<br />Spring 2011 Mary Had a Baby<br />Fall 2010 Singing Christmas Tree<br />Fall 2010 Best of Belhaven<br />Fall 2010 Two Hilarious American Operas<br />Fall 2010 Orchestra and Strings Concert<br />Fall 2010 Student Composers Forum Concert VIII<br />Fall 2010 Pops Concert<br />Fall 2010 Charlie Brown<br />Spring 2010 All You Need Is Love<br />Spring 2009

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