July 14, 2014 (Jackson) - The National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) approved Belhaven University's request for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art. This new degree offers students a pre-professional undergraduate degree in studio art that is more in-depth and intensive than the Bachelor of Arts. With 78 hours in the major, graduating students enter the art marketplace prepared for success as independent practicing artists.

BFA students at Belhaven may choose to pursue an emphasis in drawing, painting, photography or sculpture. This degree also prepares students to enter graduate programs in studio art to pursue a Master of Fine Arts, the pinnacle degree in the field of visual art.

Dr. Melissa Hause, Associate Professor of Art History and Dean of the Honors College, said, “BFA students at Belhaven will enjoy personal mentoring by Christian professors and close relationships with peers as they refine their work and learn professional skills in a supportive environment.”