Graphic Design CritiqueApril 28, 2016 (Jackson, Miss.) - Graphic design professionals from MadGenious, Godwin Group and the Jackson Zoo critiqued student presentations and gave valuable feedback during a simulated branding assignment, focused on re-branding the Jackson Zoo. Students in the Graphic Design Lab II, taught by professor Cornelius Denson, took part in the semester-long project.

"I believe critiques are important because students get a chance to hear how their design is working or how they may need to make improvements; the result is a stronger and more effective design,” said Chair and Assistant Professor of Graphic Design Gigi Turner. “As they work on projects, designers often get so close to their projects that they lose sight of things that may be obvious to others.Our department brings in professionals who not only critique projects as a whole, but give insight based on current industry standards.”

The reviewers included:

Paul Povolni, Associate Creative Director at MadGenius
Steve Temple, Interactive Art Director at Godwin Group
EJ Rivers, Membership Coordinator and Events Assistant, representing the Jackson Zoo
Jimmy Mumford, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Graphic Design at Jackson State University
Gigi Turner, Department Chair and Assistant Professor at Belhaven University
Cornelius Denson, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Belhaven University