Arts Discover Day Nov 2021October 6, 2021 (Jackson, Miss.) - Belhaven University's School of the Arts will host Arts Discover Day on Friday, November 12, 2021. This event will highlight Belhaven's premier arts programs and is an important step for potential students deciding on a career in the arts.

This day is also crucial for those wishing to major or minor in one of the arts and to compete for scholarships. Portfolios will be reviewed, and auditions will be held on this day. Belhaven's Dance Department will hold their Dance Audition Day the following day, November 13.

Professors will be ready to take questions, give advice, and provide information about careers in the arts during Arts Discover Day. Students will take a tour of campus and visit with admission staff and arts faculty. Panels with Belhaven art majors and department chairs will give participants more opportunities to learn about programs and the University.

Students will also have a chance to meet with their personal admission counselor and talk about the enrollment process, including application and financial aid procedures. Parents are also encouraged to join Arts Discover Day as there are sessions and events specifically tailored to address their questions or concerns.

Register online for Arts Discover Day. When potential students attendone of Belhaven's Discover Days, the University will add $1000 to their first-year scholarship package.

Belhaven University's School of the Arts include:

Creative Writing


Film Production

Graphic Design