Belhaven First to Offer Fifth Year Free for Double Majors

Double Major PromiseSeptember 26, 2019 (Jackson, Miss.) – Belhaven University will be the first and only university in America offering free tuition in the fifth year for students pursuing a double major. This promise is for full-time freshmen that declare a double major and remain continuously enrolled for four years.

“Belhaven is one of the top ranked universities in America in the Arts, but I’ve been increasingly concerned about our students majoring in the Arts being equipped for a challenging job market,” said Dr. Roger Parrott, Belhaven University President. “I started dreaming about what it might be for all those students to double major in arts administration in order to have more options in the job market.  And then I dreamed of what that could do for students in the Arts combined with any major; and the idea grew to all students, regardless of their core majors.”

Belhaven officials are encouraging students to combine and customize the majors that best fit their career path. According to the National Survey of College Graduates, pairing a business degree and a STEM major is the most lucrative combination for students.

“As our students look to graduate from college, it’s important for them to develop a competitive edge,” said Dr. Kevin Russell. “While taking on two college majors may mean more work, it can also bring a much greater reward.  We want to fuel our students’ academic passion and help them maximize success. That is why Belhaven's Double Major Promise is the key to giving our double majors every advantage when they step into their careers.”

Dr. Russell observed that double majors who pursue two arts degrees, or any arts degree combined with English, psychology, business, or communications can drastically expand career choices for graduates. “We also see that almost any major combined with education or international studies gives students immediate options for full-time employment after college.”

Kendall Jackson, a senior who is earning degrees in dance and graphic design, said, “I cried out of joy and shock, when I first heard about the Belhaven’s Double Major Promise. Coming to the University, I wanted to pursue both graphic design and dance, and I didn’t want to give one up. Double majoring is not an easy task, but I know it will be very rewarding. Having two degrees makes me more marketable upon graduation, and I will be able to dance professionally and have a graphic design business on the side.”

Jackson believes the Double Major Promise will take away the concern of the additional cost of tuition.  “After the fourth-year scholarships end, it was going to be challenging for my family to pay for that last year,” said Jackson. “It was going to be tight, but having the fifth year free will now allow me to be able to graduate debt-free, giving me a great start to life after college.”

With careful planning, students could complete many double majors in four years. If more time is needed, “Belhaven University wants to help financially in order to allow students to reach their highest goals,” adds Dr. Parrott.

For more information, visit Belhaven University’s Double Major Promise.


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