Belhaven Partners with Envisage Global to Launch Continuing Education Initiative

Envisage Global November 15, 2021 (Jackson, Miss.) - In conjunction with a strategic alliance with Envisage Global, Belhaven University launched a new continuing education certificate and certification program, designed to enhance learner skills and provide a bridge to Belhaven degree programs. 

Every course is evaluated through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) and assigned transferrable credits. Learners can simultaneously enhance individual career skills while earning a degree from Belhaven University.

“Envisage Global and Belhaven share a common commitment to help individuals maximize their potential through academic achievement,” said Dr. Roger Parrott, Belhaven University President. "This initiative complements our degree programs and is in response to trends that seek accelerated options that provide professional and career enhancement opportunities for individuals as well as support to enterprise growth goals for industry.”

This unique collaboration will provide best-in-class content development and industry expert collaboration, providing a practitioner-based curriculum. There are over 500 Envisage asynchronous courses currently available, which provide flexibility and schedule-friendly options for learners.

“We’re well positioned to meet the skill development needs requested by employers as well as individual learners desire to differentiate themselves in an evolving job market,” said Envisage Global President Dr. Ray Powers. “Our strategic partnership with Belhaven University ensures academic quality and provides education options consistent with near-term demand for skill enhancement to the benefit of all stakeholders.” 

As career skill requirements change, Envisage Global is designed to keep employees and job seekers relevant and up-to-date given technology convergence, refined industry standards, and other work force drivers. Powers adds, “Our relationship with top-tier industry partners along with an adaptive content approach, allows the Envisage Global portfolio to adapt to trends, augmenting certificate value.”


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