The Belhaven University Speakers Bureau

Belhaven University has long been known for its dedication to giving its students the finest teaching in all of higher education. The college's professors and department chairs have knowledge that spans into every area of academia, from Mathematical Principles to Vocal Pedagogy to Pauline Epistemology.

The Belhaven University Speakers Bureau provides an opportunity for all in the Greater Jackson community to be beneficiaries of the College's pursuit of top educators from across the globe. The Speakers Bureau has been developed to give clubs, organizations, media outlets and others the opportunity to experience the same knowledge that is taught to our students on a daily basis.

The following is a subset of the available professors and their topics. All members of the Bureau are ready to speak on their selected topics on short notice.

If you would like to schedule a member of our Speakers Bureau, or would like more information, please contact 601-965-7044.

Dr. Ed Garrett Dr. Ed Garrett, CC-AASP - Sports Ministry Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Sports Administration

Hobbies/Interests: Family, Sports, Marriage Building, Coaching.

Topics: God's Game Plan, Sport Psychology, Sports Ministry, Leadership.

Prepared Presentation/Seminar Titles: "Who's Your Daddy?" (Where do you invest your time?); "Building the Home Team" (Effective Home = Effective Work); "Leading High Performing Teams" (Tools for connecting).
Dr. Geoffrey P. Goldsmith Dr. Geoffrey P. Goldsmith - Associate Professor of Accounting

: Accounting and its Philosophical Assumptions, Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting, Financial Management of Christian Ministries

Prepared Presentation/Seminar Titles: "The Postmodern Threat to Accounting Principles"; The Biblical Foundation of Accounting Principles"
Dr. Joe Martin Dr. Joe Martin - Professor of Christian Ministries

Fishing, Biking

Topics: Missions, Bible: Overview of Old/New Testament, Stewardship of Finances, Biblical Foundations for Family

Prepared Presentation/Seminar Titles: "Old Testament Overview"; "New Testament Overview"; "The Names of God in the Bible"; "The Trinity as a Foundation for Family"; "How Much Should We Give to Others?"
Dr. J. Stephen Phillips Dr. J. Stephen Phillips - Assistant Professor of History and Political Science

: Running, Fishing, Hiking

Topics: American Government, Christian Political Thought, Comparative Governments, Church and State Relations, American Presidency

Prepared Presentation/Seminar Titles: "Fundamentals of Democracy"; "Islam and Terrorism"; "Christianity and the Founding of America"; "Biblical Principles of Politics"; "Church and State Relations"
Dr. Bettye Quinn Dr. Bettye Quinn - Associate Professor of Education

: Literature for Children, Stories from the Bible, Language Arts - Creative Writing for Children

Prepared Presentation/Seminar Titles: "Creativity in Children"; "10 Reasons to Read Aloud to Children"; "Lessons I Learned in the Holy Land"; "History of Belhaven University"
Dr. Stephen W. Sachs Dr. Stephen W. Sachs - Chair of the Music Department

: Chess, Civil War History

Topics: Music Theory

Live Performances: Solo Piano, Duet/Duo Piano, Belhaven Piano Trio - Performances can be supported by verbal program notes or a listening guide