Jackson Campus Weather Updates

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Updated August 30, 2021

Dear Belhaven students, faculty and staff,

In light of the improving weather conditions, Belhaven University will be back to normal for students, faculty and staff tomorrow.

For students from storm damaged areas who need to stay home tomorrow, our professors will work with you to catch you up on classroom material. Please be in touch with your professors if this is the case.

For faculty and staff who may have circumstances that make it impossible to be back on campus, please contact your immediate supervisor.

This storm has impacted some of us in the Belhaven family much more than others. Let’s continue to pray for all those who are suffering hardship because of the storm.

God bless,

Brad Smith
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Updated August 28, 2021

To:              Students, Faculty, and Staff
From:          Roger Parrott

Hurricane Ida is projected to become at least a Category 4 storm hitting the coast on Saturday night and Sunday morning.  This storm will impact the Jackson area with tropical force winds on Sunday evening and into Monday.

  1. All classes are canceled for Monday, including classes meeting virtually.
  2. Employees will work from home Monday - Grapevine will not meet.
  3. To avoid injury from flying debris, do not be outside during strong winds.
  4. After the storm, check the BU web page for closing/opening announcements.

It is expected that in the metro area, trees will be down, and there will be extensive power outages - possibly for several days.  

If you’ve never been through a hurricane before, we recommend filling your car with gas today - right now!  Many stations are beginning to run out of gas already.  Have on hand enough water and food for five days - stores are quickly running out of supplies.  Belhaven stockpiles drinking water on campus for residential students this time of year and has an ample supply.

When hurricane Katrina hit the campus 16 years ago as a Category 1 hurricane, there were so many trees down in the neighborhood it was impossible to drive to campus.  After that storm, we were without power for a week.  This storm has the potential to reach the level of Katrina but has not yet done so.  The following 12 hours will make more predictable the impact on Jackson.

If you prefer to go home before the storm, we recommend leaving today or in the morning.  Tropical-storm-force winds will make driving hazardous beginning on Sunday afternoon.

Pray for those on the coast who will be hit with the full force of this massive storm.