School of Nursing Course Offerings

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The baccalaureate program in nursing prepares individuals to practice competently within complex healthcare systems while demonstrating integrity, compassion, and justice in all aspects of their lives. Graduates are prepared to assume the roles of provider of care, designer/manager/coordinator of care, and a member of a profession.

Below are the general education requirements and pre-requisite courses for the nursing program. Prospective students are encouraged to discuss their curriculum plan with a nursing faculty advisor.

The pre-licensure BSN requires successful completion of 37 credit hours of general education courses, 29 credit hours of nursing pre-requisite courses, and 58 credit hours of nursing core course and nursing electives.
Completion of the 58 credit hours of nursing core courses include NUR 311, NUR 312,
NUR 313, NUR 314, NUR 315, NUR 321, NUR 322, NUR 323, NUR 411, NUR 412,
NUR 413, NUR 421, NUR 422, NUR 423, and four credit hours of nursing electives.