RN to BSN Prep Track

The Belhaven University RN to BSN Prep online program is designed to registered nurses holding an associate degree or diploma in nursing, the opportunity to complete any pre-requisites courses you may lack to enter into the RN to BSN program.  This program is fully online so that you may continue to serve your community as a working nurse. Please contact the online admission office at any time at 601-968-8881 or onlineadmission@belhaven.edu to learn more or to meet with an admission counselor.

Academic Requirements available for completion in Prep Track

Course # Title Credit
ENG103 Composition & Rhetoric 3
ENG108 Effective Research Writing 3
ENG203 Survey of World Literature I 3
ENG204 Survey of World Literature II 3
MAT101 College Algebra 3
HIS205 Contemporary World History 3
HIS108 Civilization II 3
Old Testament History  --OR--
New Testament History
BIO125 Science and Culture II (can sub Gen. Bio w/ lab) 4
CHE111 Chemistry I 3
CHE113 Chemistry lab 1
PSY201 General Psychology I 3
MAT200 Elementary Statistics 3

** This track is designed for ADN or Diploma nurses and assumes all ADN or Diploma nursing courses have been satisfied. For a complete list of those course requirements, please see the RN to BSN information sheet.