Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions asked by Belhaven parents. Follow the links or scroll down the page to find out more information that can help you stay aware of your child's life at Belhaven.

What is there to do on campus?
There are countless ways for your son or daughter to get involved on campus through student organizations, student activities, intramurals, Open Recreation program, ministries, as well as various leadership roles. Belhaven offers over 25 student organizations (service, academic, ministries). Belhaven Activities Team (BAT) is a group of students that serve the campus by planning and implementing a wide variety of student activities. Students can get involved, serve in leadership roles and be a part of the leadership staff by working in the intramural or Open Rec programs. Participating is also a way to get plugged in on campus. Campus ministries meet once a week. There are also other prayer and outreach gatherings throughout the semester. A list of all student organizations, activities, Open Rec hours and intramural schedules can be found on the Student Development page.

What is my son or daughter's mailing address?
Each student is assigned a mail box number during Welcome Week. All residential students are assigned a box that they are expected to check regularly. If mail is sent to a student without the box number, it will be delivered to the student's box, but may be delayed. Mail Services encourages the use of the student's box number to expedite delivery.

Please address mail to your student in this form:
Student's Name
Belhaven University
1500 Peachtree Street Box ___
Jackson, MS 39202

How does my son or daughter apply for housing for next semester?
New students (including transfer students) are required to complete an electronic housing application. There is a required $100.00 housing deposit which is maintained until the student leaves the university (ie. graduation, off-campus housing, transfer to another school, etc.). Students already living on campus during the fall semester do not need to do anything to reserve their room for the spring. In April, all returning students are asked to attend Squatter's Rights/Room Draw to secure their room for the next school term. A $100.00 housing reservation is required to reserve the room and when the fall semester begins the reservation fee is credited to the students account.

Can students stay on campus during vacation?
Students may remain on campus during all scheduled breaks except Christmas. Students may leave their personal items in their room during Christmas, but must remove everything during the summer vacation.

How do I obtain verification of enrollment for my child to give to my insurance company?
Your son or daughter will need to complete the enrollment verification form.

When should I make travel arrangement for my child to come home for the holidays?
Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific holiday dates. Check with your son or daughter regarding tests, finals RA, BLC, work, athletic schedules or requirements prior to making arrangements.

How do I find out my son or daughter's financial aid or balance information?
Your son or daughter has access to their financial aid and balance information online through their Blazenet account. You may contact the Office of Student Financial Aid to inquire about balance and financial aid information at 601-968-5933 or

What are Belhaven's tuition & costs?
You will find update information on Belhaven's tuition and cost on the financial aid page.

What if my son or daughter is struggling academically?
There are many academic labs and tutoring services available to students free of charge. Students can find assistance in subjects including writing, math, biology, chemistry, accounting, Spanish, among others. Hours are posted throughout the fall and spring semester and are available in the Think Center. If you would like to know hours and locations, contact contact any Student Success staff at or at 601-968-8865.

Students are always welcome to stop by the Think Center or Cleland Hall to find out more about Student Success services. Student Success staff are available to help students set and achieve academic goals by helping with: study skills, note-taking, time management, discovering individual learning preferences, providing information about tutoring labs, deciding on a major, and the student worker program.