If you need additional assistance, please e-mail the Registrar's Office at


Aug. 22-23,
Mon. - Tues.
Advising and Registration for Fall 2016
Oct. 24-28,
Mon. - Fri.
Advising and Registration for Spring 2017, May term 2017, and Summer I & II 2017


Jan. 16-17,
Mon. - Tues.
Advising and Registration for Spring 2017
Mar. 27-31,
Mon. - Fri.
Advising and Registration for May term 2017, Summer I & II 2017, and Fall 2017


May 8-12,
Mon. - Fri.
Registration for May term session, Summer I session registration, and Summer II session registration
May 25-26,
Thurs. - Fri.
Registration for Summer I session registration, and Summer II session registration
June 30 - July 3,
Fri. & Mon.
Registration for Summer II session
July 14,
Registration – Transfer B & U Day

Instruction for Online Registration

  • Log into Blazenet
  • Click on the "Register" tab, and then "Select Courses"
  • Select the Semester for which you need to register (ex: 2009/Fall)
  • Search for the Courses you need by selecting the appropriate Session in the drop down box (ex: JXN Trad).
  • Type in the Course Code (ex: ENG201) and hit "Search"
  • Click on the "Add" Button beside each course you want to add to your schedule.
  • Then select "Back to Registration"
  • Make sure the classes in your Shopping Cart are correct, and click "Next"

Next, Contact your Advisor and schedule a time to come to their office to have your Schedule Approved, and finalize your registration.

You will not be registered for classes until your Advisor Approves your schedule!!

NOTE: If you are unable to log in to BlazeNet, email the Help Desk at with your name and student ID number.