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Summer Classes 2015

1st Term- 5/26 - 6/23; Classes Begin 5/26, Registration: 5/21-22
Exams: Day Exams- 6/24; M/W Exams- 6/24; T/R Exams- 6/25
M/W Night Sat. Classes: 5/30 & 6/13; T/R Night Sat. Classes: 6/6

2nd Term- 6/29 - 7/28; Classes Begin 6/29; Registration: 6/25-26
Exams: Day Exams- 7/29; M/W Exams- 7/29; T/R Exams- 7/30
M/W Night Sat. Classes: 7/11; T/R Night Sat. Classes: 7/18

(Sat. classes meet from 8-11:30a.m.)

You can now view the class schedules through Blazenet located on the main Belhaven website under the "Current Students" section.

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