39 Steps Theatre Production

39 Steps

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October 19-22
Barber Auditorium

4 actors
90 minutes
130 characters
39 Steps

It has been a joy to get to work on such a fun show that offers challenges like The 39 Steps – the multiple locations, the gritty tone of film noir balanced with the transformational silliness of the comedy, dozens of accents, vaudeville, silent film, imaginative staging, shadow puppets, Hitchcock references, Monty Python, Marx Brothers, Fawlty Towers, Three Stooges, Chaplin, Keaton.
In and around all of that is the story of a man compelled to pursue a mysterious goal, and in the process, through relationship and improbable opportunity, learns how to care about something and someone other than himself.

We hope your experience with this play is as enjoyable as ours has been.

Joseph Frost, director

Scene from 39 Steps

Richard Hannay - James Kenyon
Annabella/Margaret/Pamela - Lydia Brandt
Clown 1 - Madison Ellis
Clown 2 - Mac Mitchell
Understudies - Leonela Hernandez, Amelia Wilds

Production Staff
Director - Joseph Frost
Stage Manager - Morgan Hillman*
Technical Director/Scenery - Rebekah Bert
Sound Designer/Board Operator - Brittany Lyday
Lighting Designer/Board Operator - Michael Tobin*
Props Master - Joshua Pirtle
Costume Designer - Ashley Reed
Dramaturg - Benjamin Shrader
Box Office Manager - Amy Smith
House Manager - Alecia Gray


Dresser - Angela Landgraf
Run Crew - Amelia Wilds, Leonela Hernandez
Set Construction - Stagecraft Class, Kyra Smiley, Sarah Harris*
Lighting Crew - Stagecraft Class, Michaela Bowen*,
Alice Bryant, Angela Landgraf,
Rebecca Lapeyre, Christy Robeson
Costume Construction - Alice Bryant, Ashley Reed, Julia Smiley, Aryelle Tuttle
Props Construction - Kyra Smiley


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