Angel Street

Angel Street Theater Play

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September 25-29, 2012
Theatre 151

A Victorian thriller, Angel Street, tells the story of a young wife whose fragile mental state hangs in the balance between her potentially dangerous husband and an eccentric detective claiming to have all the answers.

Patrick Hamilton (1904-1962) was an English playwright and novelist. His two most successful plays were Gas Light, known as Angel Street in the USA, and Rope, both of which were turned into film adaptations. Other plays and novels written by Hamilton are The Man Upstairs, The Slaves of Solitude, and Hangover Square. Hangover Square is considered his most accomplished work, and it has an underlying commentary about politics, such as the rise of fascism and satirical attacks on capitalist culture. Later in his life, he developed a misanthropic authorial voice which became more disillusioned, cynical, and bleak as shown in his novels The West Pier and Mr. Stimpson and Mr. Gorse.

Angel Street Theater Play

Director's Notes:
My journey as an artist has taken me through times of inspiration, triumph, failure, and desperation; times when I have been sure in others and times when I have felt completely alone in my confidence. At the center of it all is my mind, with all of its abilities and imperfections. I believe that we, as artists, place so much pressure on our minds as the sources of either failure or success, hence the reason that our greatest enemies truly are ourselves. Our minds are the battlegrounds. In Angel Street, Bella fights the same fight as every human being; the difference is that her battle takes a menacing and corporeal form.

I love this play for Bellas struggle. At times, I too have the need to convince both myself and others that I am not crazy; that I am not going out of my mind. Even then, I still have to wonder if maybe I truly have gone "round the bend."

Thankfully I have made some key discoveries throughout this creative journey: that our minds cannot operate without fuel from our spirits and the spirits of others; that our minds are only as strong as the will power that pumps life and choice into them; that our minds are only one piece of an endless, complex, ever-shifting puzzle that is our inner beings. The puzzle I work at every day; the puzzle that the characters of Angel Street are trying desperately to solve. So thank you for joining the puzzle. Have fun solving it!
By: Ginny Holladay

Director's Biography
Ginny is a Theatre major with an emphasis in performance at Belhaven University. She grew up in Lithuania and Germany before moving to Mississippi to start college. Ginny began directing at the end of her sophomore year when she wrote, composed, and performed in her own original autobiographical production Out of the Sandbox which was produced at Belhaven University's first annual Theatre Festival. She directed a debut one-act during her junior year and has written several short plays, two of which were produced in China in 2011, and others she has self-produced. Coming from a background in visual art and music, she strives to incorporate both in all of her creative endeavors. Her favorite roles have been as the Dragon in Everyone Knows what a Dragon looks like, as Friar Lawrence in Juliet and her Romeo, and most recently as Dorothea in Eleemosynary.

Jack Manningham Craig Fairbanks
Bella Manningham Elizabeth Borst
Rough John Alford
Elizabeth AJ Buffinet-Hester
Nancy Allison Horton
Orderlies Matt Hester
Jake Anderson

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