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Big Fish

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September 28- 30.
October 4-6, 14-15
Blackbox Theatre

When Big Fish was published in 1998, Daniel Wallace had no idea what it would become. In an interview, Wallace said that he had no expectations for the book whatsoever and just desperately wanted a book out in the world. Wallace did not know that his book would be first picked up by a popular movie director, Tim Burton, and later be made into a Broadway musical.

Tim Burton directed the movie adaptation five years after it was published. Being known for his tall tales, it does not take a genius to figure out why Burton was attracted to this story. The film stars actors such as Helena Bonham Carter and Danny Devito. When Burton was given the actual script from John August, it was not long after his own father had passed, and coming from a family did not communicate well, it really brought forward the subject of a parent-child relationship and the difficulties that come along with it.
After the movie came the musical by John August and Andrew Lippa. While John August wrote the both the screenplay and the stage play, the two are different. The changes ranging from town names to the existence of some characters. Regardless of these differences, the story’s core remains the same; a son trying to understand his dying father and the stories that he has been told his entire life. From book, to movie, to musical, the story of the growth of Big Fish is almost as fabulous as the stories told by Edward Bloom himself.

Music and Lyrics by ANDREW LIPPA
Based on the novel by Daniel Wallace and the Columbia Motion Picture by John August

Scene from Big Fish

Edward Bloom - Marlon Banks
Will Bloom - Samuel McFatridge
Sandra Bloom - Madison Parrott
Josephine Bloom - Tori Turnbow
The Witch - Olivia Simms
Karl- Brandon Randle
Jenny Hill - Courtney Holifield
Amos Calloway - Joshua Pirtle
Young Will - Michaela Bowen
Don Price - Caleb Henry
Zacky Price - Joshua Noe
Girl in the Water - Kyra Smiley
Ensemble - Samuel McFatridge, Madison Parrott, Tori Turnbow, Olivia Simms, Brandon Randle, Courtney Holifield, Joshua Pirtle, Michaela Bowen, Caleb Henry, Joshua Noe, Kyra Smiley
Understudy - Riley Pleasants

Conductor - Dr. Rebecca Geihsler-Chittom
Keyboards - John Barnts
Violin - Daniel Jones, Deborah Kim
Percussion -Justin Nipper, Bud Berthold
Bass - Joseph Craven


Stagecraft Class, Marie Haynes, Hannah Kenyon, Sam McFatridge, Kyra Smiley, Ayrelle Tuttle

Stagecraft Class, Alice Bryant, Marie Haynes, Sam McFatridge, CJ Riggs, Kyra Smiley

Connor Bingham, Alice Bryant, Frannie Mass, Grace Reeves, Christy Robeson, Julia Smiley

Theo Lott


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