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September 30-October 3, 2015
Wednesday-Saturday, 7:30pm
Saturday Matinee, October 3, 2:00p
Blackbox Theatre

“What do you do when you’re not sure?”  This line opens the 2005 Pulitzer prize winning play by John Patrick Shanley.  When Sister Aloysius, the strict principal of a Catholic elementary school suspects Father Flynn, the parish priest of molesting the school’s only African American student, she is determined to have Father Flynn removed from the school at all costs.  As investigations are made into the accusations, doubts swirl, emotions reach a fever-pitch, and questions remain unanswered.  In this stirring drama, Shanley invites us to ask ourselves, “What do you do when you’re not sure?”

By John Patrick Shanley
Directed by Joe Frost

John Patrick Shanley was born in 1959, in the Bronx Area of New York City. He was raised Catholic, and many of the themes and ideas of Doubt were born from Shanley’s own education at the hands of Sisters of Charity. “ ere was a quality of cer- tainty being exercised around me,” he reports, “that something in me was answering with something that felt very powerful called “doubt”.” Shanley has written 23 plays, including Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (1983), e Big Funk (1990), Storefront Church (2012), and Outside Mullingar (2014). He has also written several screen- plays, including Joe vs. the Volcano (1989) and Moonstruck (1987), which won him an Oscar for Best Writing.
Doubt: A Parable made its Broadway debut in 2004, presented by the Manhattan eatre Club at the Walter Kerr eatre, starring Cherry Jones, Brían F. O’Byrne, Heather Goldenhersh, and Adriane Lenox, directed by Doug Hughes, which received the Tony Award for Best Play. e play has since been produced by hundreds of the- atres and universities around the country, with major productions in London, Paris, Sydney, Warsaw, Venezuela and the Philippines, as well as an award-winning United States national tour starring Jones. e play won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, and in 2008, Doubt was made into a lm starring Meryl Streep, Phillip Seymour Ho man, Amy Adams, and Viola Davis, directed by the author.

Doubt Scene

Sister Aloysius - Jasmine Calvert
Sister James - Lydia Brandt
Father Flynn - Cedrick Riggs, Jr.
Mrs. Muller - Laina Faul
Understudy - Grace Reeves
Understudy - Blake Freedman

Artistic Team
Director - Joseph Frost
Scenic & Lighting Designer - Rebekah Bert
Costume Designer - Becky Freeman
Props Designer - Connor Bingham
Hair & Makeup Designer - Becky Freeman
Sound Designer - Zak Blatche
Stage Manager - Frannie Maas
Assistant Stage Manager- Lizy Hurlbert


Technical Director - Rebekah Bert Carpenter/Construction Crew - Marie Haynes, Sarah Harris, Sam McFatridge, Elyse Derstine, Amy Ott, Ben Shrader, Christy Robeson, Kyra Smiley, Blake Freedman, Tori Turnbow, Aryelle Tuttle, Grace Reeves, and Alice Bryant

Faculty Advisor - Rebekah Bert Lighting Crew - Michaela Bowen and  eo Lott Light Board Operator - Zak Blatche Sound Board Operator - Zak Blatche

Faculty Advisor - Becky Freeman
Stitchers - Alice Bryant, Nicki Lee, Mac Mitchell, Lizy Hulbert, Megan Cash, Sonja Häkkinen, James Kenyon, Morgan Hillman, Lydia Brandt, Madison Parrott and Ashley Reed
Dressers- Lizy Hurlbert and Mac Mitchell

Faculty Advisor - Rebekah Bert
Properties Master - Connor Bingham, Alecia Grey, and Joshua Pirtle

Advisor - Lauren Gunn
House Manager - Lauren Gunn
Box O ce Sta  - Madison Parrott, Hannah Kenyon, Alexis Shephard, and Aryelle Tuttle
Program Cover & Poster Design - Corrie Hung
Program Layout & Design - Lauren Gunn


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