Eleemosynary Theater Production

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March 29, 2012
Theatre 151
Written by Lee Blessing

Belhaven student, Eleanor Baxter, is directing her first play for a theatre production project, giving her valuable experience toward her career. Baxter will direct an inspirational play from American playwright Lee Blessing called Eleemosynary. This play presents the lives of the three women as they struggle to define themselves both as individuals and part of a family. It is a study of family relationships, and highlights the need for connection and forgiveness.

Eleemonsary Production

Director's Notes
It seems as though it was much longer than three years ago that the idea for promoting poignant, intimate, student directed shows took shape and found a home, but from the beginnings of Theatre 151, I remember wanting to be a part of it. It wasn't until I read Eleemosynary, however, that I knew I wanted to direct. Lee Blessing's play seemed to be a perfect fit for the space, for the Theatre 151 concept, and for my interests. I enjoy working with a small cast and love the way intimate performance settings tear down barriers between the audience and the characters, but what I am most excited about is the themes and ideas that this play presents. I have always had a love for words, and Blessing uses them so creatively in this show. His script was the only male voice in this process dominated by women, yet his insight into the emotions and lives of women exhibits powerful artistic eye. Directing this show has been a delightful and enlightening process, and I am excited to share the results of our work with you all.

Director's Biography
Eleanor Baxter is a senior theatre performance major at Belhaven. Some of her favorite Belhaven shows have included As It Is In Heaven, You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, The Bald Soprano, and The Mayfair Affair. She is excited to be making her full-length directing debut, and hopes to uphold and strengthen the Theatre 151 tradition.

Directed by Elle Baxter
Technical Director Rebekah Bert
Costume Designer Nadine Grant
Stage Manager Alice Grimwood
Assistant State Manager Dixie Lee Trimm
Ashley Elizabeth Murray Echo
Ginny Holladay Dorothea
Jill Cromwell Artie

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