Everyone Knows What A Dragon Looks Like

Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like

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November 2-5, 2011
Belhaven Pavilion

This powerful Chinese fable of the faith of a child comes from the award-winning children's book written by Jay Williams and illustrated by Mercer Mayer. This outdoor interactive production will be fun for the whole family. Adapted by Bret Fetzer from the children's book by Jay Williams and directed by guest artist C. McNair Wilson.

Director's Notes:
See Dragons ... Everywhere

I saw dragons in my two amazing nieces ever since they were tiny girls. Now they are full grown dragons. I see dragons when I am with the children of my friends and most of my friends are dragons. I saw dragons in a class room here at Belhaven a few weeks ago when a few dozen students showed up to audition for this play.

This play is based on a book I have been reading ever since it was published decades ago. I've read it to the cast of every play I have directed, from college students to professionals, to help them see that they have a dragon if they will only let it be a dragon.

The Bible tells parents to train up a child in the way she should go, and when she is old she will follow that path. Each child is different. My mother would tell you, "Look on their side, check the label. Every child's ingredients are different." My brother and I could not be more different, but he is an enormous dragon, but a very quiet one.

On the surface, "Everyone Knows what a Dragon Looks Like"is about not" judging a book by it's cover." But more than just looking past a persons outer appearance, the book and our play want us to show kindness to any stranger we can help, even if it means splitting a raspberry three ways. But the story also wants us to look for the most in each other.

In a way this book was the inspiration for the name of my company. I spent ten years working in the Walt Disney Company. I was an Imagineer. I helped "think up" new Disney theme parks and attractions. Now I assist corporate and faithbased teams all over the world dream, imagine, invent, and brainstorm new products, services, and other ideas. It works best when the entire team believes in each other, sees the dragon in each other. That's why my company is called
the Assume Brilliance Group.

Try it with anyone you know: Assume Brilliance ... look for the best in them. All it will do is change every relationship you have. And you will see dragons...everywhere!

McNair Wilson, Guest Director
P.S. Note to all parents (even if your kids are grown): Your unfulfilled dreams are not your children's To Do list. It's never too late to work on your own dreams. Start today!

Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like

Guest Director
C. McNair Wilson is one of the leading voices for creativity in all facets of corporate and npersonal life. He is currently C.E.O. (Chief Encouragement Officer, cofounder) of AssumeBrillianceGroup -. With a client list that runs from from Apple Computer to the Salvation Army and the U.S. Government Management Training Center it is easy to see that McNair is skilled at adapting his presentations to any group. McNair believes that everyone has a creative spirit, though some are more actively creative.

He is determined to get everyone on the active list. McNair draws on his professional experience in: theme park design, theatre, graphic design, cartooning and illustration, creative writing, and entertainment design. He is a Published Author of three books (so far), with two more finished and ready for press. His most recent published book is RAISED IN CAPTIVITY: A Memoir of a Life Long Churchaholic. McNair s new book, HATCH! Brainstorming Secrets of a Theme Park designer is due in 2011. At Disney Imagineering he created live shows and attractions for Disney theme parks and resorts, world wide. During more than thirtyfive years in the professional theatre McNair has been a director, actor, playwright, scenic designer, and teacher (including artist-in-residence at universities). McNair currently lives in Colorado, but loves speaking and consulting at sea level. Read McNair s blog on creativity: "TEA WITH McNAIR."

Based on the Book of Jay Williams
Jay Williams was an American author born in Buffalo, New York. He cited the experience of growing up as the son of a vaudeville show producer as leading him to pursue his acting career as early as college. Williams maybe best-known for his young adult "Danny Dunn" science fiction/fantasy series which he co-authored with Raymond Abrashkin. One of his series of mysteries feature the American rare book and manuscript collector, Dave Cannon, and take place in Britain. He was also interested in the future in his many speculative science fiction tales, often published in "The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction".

In all, he published at least 79 books including 11 picture books, 39 children's novels, 7 adult mysteries, 4 nonfiction books, 8 historical novels and a play. -Wikipedia

Written by Steven Mason
Based on the Book by Jay Williams
Directed by C. McNair Wilson
Costume Designer Nadine Grant
Scenic Designer Kris Dietrich
Stage Manager Grace Varland
Assistant Stage Manager Amy Brabow & Maggie Hollis
Technical Director Rebekah Bert
Han Hannah Holden
The Hermit Ginny Holladay
Army Captain Daniel Wimberly
The Merchant Matthew Hester
The Mandarin Andrew Dalton
The Messenger John Michael Lane
The Servant Courtney Rogers
The Guard Dave Harris
The Librarian Stephanie Bishop
Stage Hands Ethan Polson, John Morgan Alford, Layne Yancey

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