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February 24-27 , 7:30 pm
February 27, 2:00 pm
Flexible Theatre

by Christopher Marlowe

Directed by Joseph Frost

Elizabethan theatre was influenced by the medieval English Mystery Cycle plays – a day-long festival of short plays of Biblical stories, each of which were a different theatrical experience, from high poetry and romantic stories to slapstick comedy to amazing spectacles.
Marlowe was the writer that Shakespeare aspired to become. He is credited with pioneering the use of Iambic Pentameter in drama, and his use of it is more ‘perfect’ than Shakespeare – who often broke the rhythm for dramatic effect.

The Faust legend was first published in 1587, only a few years before Marlowe wrote his play. The story also inspired plays by Goethe, W.S. Gilbert, Dorothy Sayers, Vaclav Havel, David Mamet, and the experiential theatre company Punchdrunk, as well as ballets, operas, symphonies, pop songs, films, tv shows, poems, novels, comic books and video games.

We tell stories, like that of John Faustus, as cautionary tales: a man sells his soul to the devil for access to unlimited knowledge and pleasures, and (spoiler) his soul is eventually collected. His hubris leads to eternal damnation, after his grandiose vision of using supernatural knowledge for greater benefits dissolves into playing silly games for his own amusement.

Our presentation of this story has developed from the concept of a runway show – which can be both spectacular and repetitive, can be intensely serious and at the same time silly, be completely presentational while also simulating the behaviors of the real world. We hope you can consider the importance of the story’s meaning, and at the same time enjoy the fun.

Doctor Faustus Scene

Faustus - Connor Bingham
Mephistophilis - Frannie Maas
Gluttony, Pope, Chorus - Zadie Beuhrle
Scholar, Firar, Covetousness, Duke, Chorus - Dillon Cannon
Evil Angel, Chorus - Kathryn Cummins
Cornelius, Friar, Lechery, Chorus - Christian Davis
Scholar, Wrath, Vintner, Chorus - Steven Dishongh
Good Angel, Chorus - Alecia Gray
Scholar, Envy, Duchess, Chorus - Elizabeth Hurlbert
3rd Friar, Knight, Sloth, Chorus - Adrain Jordan
Dick,Horse-courser, Chorus - Theodore Lott
Ralph, Chorus - Mac Mitchell
Wagner, Chorus - Brandon Randle
Valdes, Emperor, Pride, Old Man, Chorus - Grace Reeves
Robin, Chorus - CJ Riggs
Voice of Lucifer - Laina Faul

Artistic Team
Director - Joe Frost
Assistant Director - Hannah Kenyon
Scenic Coordinator - Luis Ramirez
Lighting Design - Luis Ramirez
Technical Director - Rebekah Bert
Costume Designer - Mrs. Becky Freeman
Sound Designer - Doc Davis
Assistant Sound Designer - Zak Blatche
Hair/Makeup Designer - Theo Lott, Ashley Reed
Props Mistress - Christy Robeson
Stage Manager - Megan Cash
Assistant Stage Managers - Rebecca Lapeyre
House Manager -Melissa Rey

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