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October 1-4, 2014
Wednesday - Saturday, 7:30 pm
Saturday Matinee, October 4, 2:00 pm
Blackbox Theatre

by Mark St. Germain

Joe Frost (Director)

Director’s Notes

In 1964 at Jackson’s University of Mississippi Medical Center, Dr. James Hardy performed the first successful organ transplant, placing a monkey’s heart inside a human patient; though the heart itself only lasted for 90 minutes. Dr. Hardy pioneered the field of organ transplantation, which had previously been viewed to be too fraught with ethical issues to be attempted. The first human-to-human heart transplant was performed by Dr. Christiaan Barnard in South Africa in 1967; his patient surviving about 18 days. Patients today often live for more than 5 years after transplants (the record is over 30 years), and a few recipients have gone on to achieve physical accomplishments, such as marathons, ironman competitions, and climbing Mount Kilamanjaro.

In the United States today, patients on transplant lists number over 4,000, with around 2,000 transplants performed each year. Even a casual glance at these numbers reveals the contemporary ethical dilemma of organ transplantation: how to select the recipients. With considerations such as physical match and compatibility, psychological considerations, financial concerns, and aftercare support, the choices are far from being “cut and dry.” It is far too similar to the nolonger-PC conundrum game of Lifeboat, where out of a group of disparate people, one is to select the persons who are the most important to save from a sinking ship.

The committees that are expected to make these decisions are made up of dedicated experts in their respective fields – surgeons, nursing staff, psychiatrists, clergy, and case workers. All of whom, at any given time, are dealing with some measure of mourning and grief. They deal very intimately with patients and families in their most difficult hours, at times forming extremely close bonds. The vast majority of those relationships are eventually severed – not only if a patient is lost, but those who recover move on with their lives.

In Mark St. Germain’s play, we are presented with the scene of the selection process for a transplant committee. But a significant factor in the drama is the hearts of the people of the committee itself; their struggles both internally and with each other, which affect their ability to decide.

The God Committee Scene

Mark St. Germain (Playwright)
has written the plays Camping with Henry and Tom (Outer Critics Circle and Lucille Lortel Awards), Forgiving Typhoid Mary (Time Magazine’s “Year’s Ten Best”), and most recently the barbershopinspired musical The Fabulous Lipitones. His play Freud’s Last Session premiered at the Barrington Stage Company and enjoyed a long, successful run Off-Broadway. With Randy Courts, he has written the musicals The Gifts of the Magi, Johnny Pye and the Foolkiller (winner of an AT&T “New Plays For The Nineties Award”) and Jack’s Holiday at Playwrights Horizons in New York. St. Germain’s musical, Stand by Your Man, The Tammy Wynette Story was created for Nashville’s Ryman Theater, the original Grand Ol’ Opry, and has toured nationally. St. Germain is an alumnus of New Dramatists, where he was given the Joe A. Callaway Award, member of the Dramatists Guild and the Writer’s Guild East. He was awarded the “New Voices In American Theatre” award at the William Inge Theatre Festival, 2001.

Dr. Kierra Banks - Laina Faul
Dr. Ann Ross - Megan Cash
Nella Larkin, RN - Morgan Hillman
Dr. Alex Gorman - John Alford
Dr. Jack Klee - Theodore Lott
Father Charles Dunbar - Crockett Ward
Dominick Piero - C.J. Riggs

Artistic Team
Director - Joseph Frost
Scenic & Lighting Designer - Kris Dietrich
Costume Designer - Becky Freeman
Props Designer - Lizy Hurlbert
Hair & Makeup Design - Becky Freeman
Sound Design - Zak Blatche
Stage Manager - Melissa Rey
Assistant Stage Managers - Andrew Bakarich, Courtney Hollifield

Technical Director - Rebekah Bert
Carpenter/Construction Crew - Jasmine Calvert, Lydia Brandt, James Cater,
Sonja Hakkinen, Leci Gray, CJ Riggs, Elizabeth Thomas, Sarah Harris, Theo
Lott, Michaela Bowen, Amy, lauren, connor, benjamin, meghan & Lydia Cobb

Lighting Crew - Andrew Bakarich, Connor Bingham, Morgan Hillman, Ethan
Polson, Dixie Lee Trim, & Crockett Ward
Light Board Operator - Lauren Tobin
Sound Board Operators - Megan Burns & Amy Ott

Faculty Advisor - Becky Freeman
Stitchers - Eric Henderson, Thaddeus Morris, Lydia Brandt,Staphanie Salinas,
Madison Parrott, John Alford, & Anna Bryant
Head of Wardrobe - Elizabeth Thomas
Dressers - Lydia Cobb, Nikki Lee, & Stephanie Salinas

Faculty Advisor - Rebekah Bert
Properties Master - Lizy Hurlbert
Props Construction Crew - Megan Cash & Hannah Gaudet

Advisor - Dr. Sartwell
House Manager - Courtney Hollifield
Box Office Staff - James Kenyon, Laina Faul, & FrannieMaas
Publicity Crew/Distributor - Sarah Harris, Laina Faul, & FrannieMaas
Program Cover & Poster Design - Katie Rogers
Program Layout & Design - Lizy Hurlbert

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