Sketching the Soul Theatre Production

Sketching the Soul

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March 30-April 1
Barber Auditorium

When I first read Sketching the Soul several years ago, I was intrigued by the story. I grew up in a Quaker church, and I quickly learned that for many people, Quakers are synonymous with the Amish. When the subject of my faith came up in a conversation, I could see confusion cross peoples’ faces: “But you drive a car, and you use electricity . . . and do you even eat oatmeal?” It got old, and it led me to a desire to better understand the Amish community.

Yes, most Amish still use horses and buggies to get around. They work hard to avoid dependence upon electricity. And the rest of the country knows enough about this to make assumptions. And jokes. But perhaps the most significant aspect of the Amish tradition is their fierce obedience to the commandment to forgive others. “But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins” (Matthew 6:15). This radical forgiveness was on display in 2006, when the Amish community reached out to help the wife of the “English” man who killed 5 young girls in an Amish schoolhouse, injuring 6 others. They forgave the shooter, and in the decade since the shooting, they have remained close with his widow and children.

Forgiveness certainly plays a role in Sketching the Soul, as both Chelsea and Sarah must find a way forward with their relationship and with their own life choices. More than that, though, Sketching the Soul asks us to reflect on our own lives. Can we truly be happy outside of a community of faith? How does our faith (or lack thereof) impact our daily choices? How does a person integrate their faith and their calling? Some of us might walk away from our upbringing as we attempt to figure out who we are as individuals. Others of us might sacrifice our true identity in order to be more aligned with what we understand to be expected behaviors of those in our faith. Is it possible to be true to oneself and true to God?

It strikes me that each of us must at some point grapple with these and other questions about the role of faith in our lives. May we have the humility to forgive one another and ourselves on our journeys.

Elissa Sartwell, Director

Scene from Sketching the Soul

Mike Grimaldi - James Kenyon
Chelsea Logan - Alecia Gray
Nancy Bennett - Olivia Simms
Sarah Richter - Riley Pleasants
Maureen Nash - Rachel Broome
Arthur Coakley - Mac Mitchell

Production Staff and Crew
Director - Elissa Sartwell
Stage Manager - Frannie Maas
Scenic Design - Hannah Kenyon
Technical Director - Rebekah Bert
Technical Director/Lighting Design - Michael Tobin
Costume, Hair, and Makeup Design - Alice Bryant
Sound Design/Charge Artist - Brittany Lyday
Props Master - Laina Faul
House Manager - Noelle Balzer
Box Office Manager -Amy Smith
Dresser/Run Crew - Grace Reeves
Lighting Crew -Laina Faul, Alecia Gray, James Kenyon, Brittany Lyday,
Alberto Meza, CJ Riggs
Set Construction - Fred Arnold, Emily Barrett, Caleb Henry, Angela Landgraf, Rebecca Lapeyre, Josh Noe, Kyra Smiley
Props Construction - Joshua Pirtle
Paint Crew - Marie Haynes*, Caleb Henry, Christy Robeson


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