Student and Alumni Spotlights for the Theatre Program

Frannie Maas, Theatre Major

Name: Frannie Maas
Major: Theatre Ministry
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Fact: When I'm not busy with theatre, I work as a photographer.

I chose to come to Belhaven because... of its unique Theatre Department. I had been accepted at other universities, but Belhaven was the only one that I felt combined my love for theatre and desire to help people in a visible and measurable way. 

One relationship that has meant a lot to me while attending Belhaven... It is difficult to pick just one relationship at Belhaven that has meant a lot to me. That being said, I have to talk about my involvement with the Theatre Department. So many of the people in the Theatre Department have been such a positive influence in my life. It is a community that is genuinely supportive. It is a team working day and night, united in their goal to produce something excellent. It is a family and I am extremely proud to be a part of it.

Because of my degree from Belhaven University... I have developed a wide variety of skills that will help me in almost any job. As of right now, my goal after I graduate is to teach improv, ideally to high school students. I absolutely love improv. It's so much fun and it's being used in really cool ways such as helping kids with anxiety, or assisting companies in developing better communication. Ultimately, improv is a really useful ability to have whether you're an actor or not.

One word to describe my experience at Belhaven: Adventure