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November 12-15, 2014
Wednesday - Saturday, 7:30 pm
Saturday Matinee, November 15, 2:00 pm
Blackbox Theatre

by Moliere

John Maxwell (Director)

The Belhaven Theatre Department is pleased to present the delightful comedy TARTUFFE by the French comedic master, Moliere. This richly funny play is presented in rhymed couplets in a translation by Richard Wilbur. As Jackson Matthews of New York Review of Books writes: “Mr. Wilbur has given us, with great fidelity and charm, the nearest thing to Moliere that we have.”

Tatuffe Scene

Madame Pernelle - Sarah Harris
Orgon - Connor Bingham
Elmire - Madison Parrott
Damis - Thaddeus Morris
Mariane - Leci Gray
Valére - Ethan Polson
Cléante - Eric Henderson
Tartuffe - Jon Dickson
Dorine - Lydia Cobb
M Loyal - James Kenyon
Police Officer - Michaela Bowen
Flipote - Lydia Brandt

Artistic Team
Director - John Maxwell
Scenic & Lighting Designer - Kris Dietrich
Costume Designer - Becky Freeman
Props Designer - Lizy Hurlbert
Hair & Makeup Design - Becky Freeman
Sound Design - Zak Blatche
Stage Manager - Frannie Maas
Assistant Stage Managers - Sonja Hakkinen, Elizabeth Thomas

Technical Director - Rebekah Bert
Carpenter/Construction Crew - Thaddeus Morris, Jasmine Calvert, Lydia
Brandt, James Cater, Sonja Hakkinen, Leci Gray, CJ Riggs, Elizabeth Thomas,
Sarah Harris, Theo Lott, Michaela Bowen, Amy Ott, Lauren Tobin, Connor
Bingham, Benjamin Grimes, Meghan Burns, and Lydia Cobb

Faculty Advisor - Kris Dietrich
Lighting Crew - Andrew Bakarich, Connor Bingham, Morgan Hillman, Ethan
Polson, Dixie Lee Trim, and Crockett Ward
Light Board Operator - Lauren Tobin
Sound Board Operator - Anna Bryant

Faculty Advisor - Becky Freeman
Stitchers - Eric Henderson, Lydia Brandt, Stephanie Salinas, Madison Parrott,
Leci Gray, and John Alford
Dressers - Jasmine Calvert, Sonja Hakkinen, John Alford, and Theodore Lott

Faculty Advisor - Rebekah Bert
Properties Master - Lizy Hurlbert
Props Construction Crew - Megan Cash and Hannah Gaudet

Advisors - Kerri Sanders
House Manager - Courtney Holifield
Box Office Staff - James Kenyon, Laina Faul, and Frannie Maas
Publicity Crew/Distributor - Sarah Harris, Laina Faul, and Frannie Maas
Program Cover & Poster Design - Haley Rogers

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