The Music Man Theatre Production

The Music Man

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April 21-22, 26-29
Blackbox Theatre

My last college teaching position was at Waldorf University in Forest City, Iowa just twenty minutes from Mason City, Iowa the birthplace of Music Man creator Meredith Willson. Being a part of this larger community in Iowa, you cannot avoid the tremendous influence that Willson and his beloved musical has had on Northern Iowa, nor would you want to. From the numerous locales that inspired his fictional town of River City (the library, the footbridge, the local school gymnasium) to Willson’s own birthplace/home and the most recent addition to the lore, Music Man Square, which replicates every scene in the musical under one roof and includes a larger-than-life statue of Willson conducting the boys band, Music Man is as much a part of the culture there as farmer’s sweet corn and the Norwegian pastries called lefse.

While I did not completely appreciate the artistic importance of the musical while I was living there, my journey through the directorial process of this particular production at Belhaven has renewed my love for the cherished piece of Broadway’s Golden Age. It has been a rewarding rediscovery of the intricacies of Willson’s soaring melodies and clever lyrics. Most importantly, I have been able to share this journey with an incredibly talented cast, a very hard-working crew, and a phenomenally creative production staff. I have been truly blessed to work with these wonderful folks who aren’t at all “Iowa Stubborn.”
I hope you enjoy our take on this wonderful musical tale that shows us that love can grow out of anywhere, even the most diabolical swindles. As we say in Iowa, “Uff-da!”

God Bless,
Dr. David S. Sollish
Chair, Belhaven University Theatre Department

Scene from Music Man

“Professor” Harold Hill - Marlon Banks
Marian Paroo - Michaela Bowen, Courtney Holifield
Mrs. Paroo - Sonja Hakkinen
Winthrop Paroo - Jameson Williams
Mayor George Shinn - Theo Lott
Eulalie MacKecknie Shinn - Madison Parrott
Zaneeta Shinn - Noelle Balzer
Gracie Shinn - Kyra Smiley
Marcellus Washburn - Samuel McFatridge
Amaryllis - Analia Gonzalez
Tommy Djilas - CJ Riggs
Charlie Cowell -Caleb Henry
Jacey Squires - Joshua Pirtle
Ewart Dunlop - Joshua Noe
Oliver Hix - Jordan Locke
Olin Britt - Madison Ellis
Ethel Toffelmeier - Leonela Hernandez
Mrs. Britt - Sarah Wolfe
Alma Hix - Alice Bryant
Mrs. Squires - Christy Robeson
Maud Dunlop - Amelia Wilds
Constable Locke -Adrian Jordan
Train Conductor - Lewis Hines
Ensemble - Emily Barrett, Alyse Bloodworth, Laura Brush, Dillon Cannon, Brianna Fondren, Sarah Freeman, Isabelle Gonzalez, Nicolas Gonzales, Caleb Henry, Lewis Hines, Noelle Jones, James Kenyon, Clay Nelson, Truman Poole, Maecy Kate Reed, Benjamin Shrader, Tori Turnbow,

Production Staff
Director - Dr. David S. Sollish
Musical Director - Mr. Christopher Phillips
Choregrapher - John Scacchetti
Rehearsal Accompanist - John Barnts
Costume Designer - Becky Freeman
Scenic/Lighting Designer - Michael Winkelman
Sound Designer - Marie Haynes
Technical Director - Rebekah Bert
Stage Manager - Kelsey Sollish
Props Master - Kyra Smiley
Hair & Makeup Design - Madison Ellis
Dance Captains - Samuel McFatridge, Tori Turnbow
Dramaturg - Mac Mitchell
Scenic Charge Artist - Sarah Grace Harris
Assistant Stage Managers - Alberto Meza, Aryelle Tuttle
Box Office Manager - Amy Smith
House Manager - Grace Reeves
Logo/Poster Design - Corrie M. Hung
Sound Consultant - Frank Dolansky

Conductor - Mr. Christoper Phillips
Piano/OrchExtra - John Barnts

For Harold, Marcellus - Caleb Henry
For Mrs. Shinn, Mrs. Paroo - Alice Bryant
For Ethel, Alma, Maud, Mrs. Squires, & Mrs. Britt - Brianna Fondren
For Mayor Shinn -Dillon Cannon
For Zaneeta - Mandy Williams
For Tommy - Lewis Hines
For Gracie - Noelle Jones

Light Board Operator - Angela Landgraf
Sound Board Operator - Marie Haynes
Sound Assistant - Connor Bingham
Spotlight Operators - Hannah Kenyon, Olivia Simms
Riggers - Laina Faul, James Kenyon, Aryelle Tuttle
Dressers - Rebecca Lapeyre, Mac Mitchell, Riley Pleasants, Ashley Reed
Wardrobe Maintenance - Christy Robeson
Lighting Crew - Laina Faul, Alecia Gray, James Kenyon, Brittany Lyday, Alberto Meza,
CJ Riggs, Michael Tobin
Master Electricians - Laina Faul, Alberto Meza, Michael Tobin
Set Crew - Fred Arnold, Emily Barrett, Joey Graves, Marie Haynes, Leonela Hernandez, Angela Landgraf, Samuel McFatridge, Kyra Smiley, Tori Turnbow
Paint Crew - Marie Haynes, Brittany Lyday, Tori Turnbow
Marlon Banks, Michaela Bowen,
Costume Crew - Alice Bryant, Leonela Hernandez, Ashley Reed, Julia Smiley, Aryelle Tuttle

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