The Drunkard - A Musical

The Drunkard, Belhaven Theatre Production

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February 21 - March 2, 2013
Blackbox Theatre

Based on the world-famous melodrama by W.H.S. Smith

Based on a 19th century melodrama, this light-hearted musical tells the story of the virtuous Mary, the dastardly landlord Mr. Cribbs and Edward's journey dashing from the clutches of drunkenness. With vaudeville bits and campy musical interludes, this show will send the whole family home humming "Do You Wanna Get Saved?"

The Drunkard Theater Play

Director's Notes
I am the youngest of four children. My brother, who is my oldest sibling, is twelve years older than me. When I was young, sometime in Jr. High, my family took my brother to an intervention meeting, as he was an alcoholic, after for what it seemed several months he recovered, but the idea of the power of alcohol and its negative effects never left my mind.
This play, although a melodrama, has in its deep roots a core of truth, which despite the hilarity and buffonery, still rings true for us today. This melodrama was the second most popular play during the mid 1800's; the only show more popular was Uncle Tom's Cabin. The acting style represented in this evening's show still holds true to the acting style which was believed to have been in place in the Romantic style of the Civil War era.

Director's Biography
This is Stewart's first year at Belhaven University as Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre. He is excited to direct his first production here. He comes from Houston having worked with the AD Players. He would like to thank his wife Cheryl and his kids, Caitlin and Casey, for their support and long suffering which enables him to continue his art. In Houston, Stewart directed such shows as Into the Woods, Fences, Fiddler on the Roof, School House Rock, Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde, and The Skin of our Teeth. He holds a MFA in Directing and is working towards a PhD in Theatre.

Adapted by Bro Herod
Music and lyrics Barry Manilow
Directed by Stewart Hawley
Music Director Andrew James Craig
Assistant Director Allison Horton
Choreographer Laura Morton
Technical Director Rebekah Bert
Costume Designer Nadine Grant
Scenic & Lighting Designer Kris Deitrich
Assistant Stage Manager Lauren Tobim & Kayla Thompson
Mary Sarah Renick
Mrs. Wilson Jessica Ziegelbauer
Cribbs Tymothe Thompson
Edward Ethan Polson
William & ensemble John Alford
Agnes Dixie Lee Trimm
Preacher & ensemble Eric Henderson
Bartender & ensemble Jonathan Dickson
Carrie Ginny Holladay
Julia Ashley Elizabeth Murray
Ensemble Madison Parrott
Melissa Rey
Alexia Valente
Joy Kenyon
Ensemble & understudy Thaddeus Morris
Jill Cromwell

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