Theatre Facilities

The Department of Theatre is housed in the Center for the Arts, located at 835 Riverside Drive. The following list is provided as an overview of the department’s facilities.

We are excited to take you on a visual tour of the Center for the Arts facility. Below is the floor plan for the Theatre Department wing. You can click on the numbered rooms to read a description of that room.

If you would like to tour the entire facility, please visit the Center for the Arts page.

Theatre Department Floor Plan

Room 145, Classroom: This is a classroom space for smaller discussion style classes.

Room 146, Stage Manager's Office and Theatre Box Office: An office space with two computers and a BOCA printer. This space is used by stage managers for the purpose of completing tasks related to stage management. Student box office workers use this office to sell and print tickets for Mainstage productions.

Room 147, Audio Video Lab: Equipped with a computer for sound editing and CAD drafting, along with a 24" and 48" plotter.

Room 148, Faculty Office: Office for Technical Director.

Room 149, Facilities Manager Office: This office houses the Facilities Manager for the Center for the Arts.

Room 150, Theatre Department Offices: Includes the chair’s office, faculty offices, and Administrative Assistant's office.

Rooms 151 & 153 Classrooms: These two classrooms are used for a number of courses each semester. The two classrooms have a collapsible center wall which can be easily removed to form one large classroom suitable for warm ups, rehearsals, and dressing rooms. Portable seating and a temporary stage are placed in the space to create “Theatre 151,” the department’s venue for second-stage performances.

Room 152, Props Room: The props room houses the department’s collection of stock props. Additionally, the props room contains a large work table for use in the making of props.

Room 154, Costume Shop: The costume shop has plenty of natural light, three pinnable work tables for cutting and flat-patterning, fifteen desktop sewing machines, and seven sergers. Additionally, the shop has pinnable dress molds, an industrial steamer, a wash sink, and two ironing stations.

Room 155, Design Lab: The design lab includes drafting tables for hand work in design. The space also includes a large table for use in sketching, rendering, and model building. Additionally, the Design Lab houses the “Lighting Lab,” a to-scale model of the Blackbox Theatre, complete with scale versions of lighting instruments. The “Lighting Lab” is used for course work as well as for experimentation with design for Mainstage productions.

Room 156, Costume Storage: Our wardrobe room includes three double-tiered racks for costume storage; shelving for shoes, wigs, and hats; and a washer and dryer.

Room 157, Conference Room: Has a large conference table for holding discussion classes and production meetings.

Blackbox Theatre: This 200-seat fully flexible space is the department’s primary performance venue. The theatre is 54’ x 56’ with 220’ of walk along curtains broken into 11 separate pieces. It has a 17’ high tension lighting grid.


Barber Auditorium: Located in the basement of Hood Library, Barber Auditorium is a 148-seat theatre used for some Second Stage performances.

Concert Hall: Located in the Center for the Arts, the Concert Hall seats 836. It is used for joint productions presented by the departments of music and theatre.