Department of Philosophy of Worldviews


Philosophy of Worldviews


Philosophy of Worldviews

The Belhaven Philosophy of Worldviews Department at Belhaven University seeks to prepare men and women to serve Christ with a higher education degree that promotes critical thinking while studying the history of ideas. The Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy trains students for jobs that require critical thinking, graduate work, and seminary. Students are encouraged to deal with knowledge-based and ethical questions by endeavoring to answer them in light of the Christian worldview. By promoting critical thinking, our classes prepare each philosophy major to live, adapt, and make decisions in our fast-changing world.

Students within this accredited degree program are often involved in the student organized and operated Philosophy Club, which is open to students and faculty interested in learning about and discussing philosophical issues that have affected various societies and Christianity, both today and historically. These outside experiences, along with education inside the classroom, open doors to careers in the ministry, education, law, apologetics, public policy and politics.